How TikTok is Normalizing the Unthinkable…

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Written by Repzion


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  1. If this was to happen on YouTube, everyone involved would be clowned and exposed off the site by the users, this madness was successful somehow at brainwashing TikTok users because they have a short format that only has his face, his sentence, but conveniently they left out the fact of why he’s being charged. Screw anyone who supported this baby killer.

  2. Why is tiktok breeding degeneracy? Because parents have stopped caring about their children. I think the culture of self interest and narcissism has finally spun out of control after decades, and now most children born from the late 90s onwards are victims of narcissistic parents who let social media raise their children.

  3. So I have to disagree with you on something here Daniel. Street racing is dangerous. While you make a point of doing it in areas less populated, I still believe it shouldn't happen at all for the safety of those behind the wheel. I am a big advocate for cities and towns having short tracks or drag strips so people can race in a safe controlled environment. Obviously this is not an ideal situation everywhere across America, but this would prevent deaths among our roadways. There's a proper way to race.

  4. This is messed up, the obsession is part of the aspect of female nature. Good looking guys can get away with it, same for the male nature of a good looking gal. There needs to be a law that punishes a good looking person long or old.

  5. The platforms based in America rely on reports to get people with bad motivations on the internet. If the majority of the people who have time to surf the web are teenager,s are they going to report the bad behavior? Why should we rely on mostly children to rat out other children? It seems like a very flawed plan that China is super happy to watch ruin our kids, honestly. They have some of the strictest moderation of social media, yet allow ours to go unmoderated. There must be a reason for that. They moderate at upload and don't rely on user reports to find people with bad intentions. They know how de stabling the internet can be for a nation. Thank you for talking about this.

  6. Tiktok needs to be shut down. There’s dregs of society on every app but tiktok is especially heinous. But as long as ot makes money I don’t think they’ll ever shut it down.

  7. This is why I despise TikTok. The fucking thing should've been banned the moment it was brought to attention when china was using it to to spy on people's private information. Never should've been given the chance to survive in the united states after that.

  8. The predators thing… I know I wasn't on TikTok until more recently, because of what I saw the first time I tried it out.

    When TikTok was more new-ish I decided I'd see what it was, I went and grabbed if, and just checked it out.

    With a fresh, unfed algo, it showed me right off the bat, some like, 60 year old man "dueting" a 12 year old little girl. I click his profile and, it is wall-to-wall of this man interacting with LITTLE girls.

    Now, not to say that's what TikTok is, but it was weird and gross to see, and the fact that that popped up for me on a fresh install, suggests there's a lot of it on there.

    That was just too weird for me and led me to uninstall REAL QUICK

    I did wind up giving it another chance, months or a year later, because a creator I love was talking about how they're obsessed with it and post on there more than anywhere

    You really do have to find your stuff for TikTok to be any good, and you have to remember the "Not interested" option exists for when the algo gets a mind of it's own and you're suddenly seeing all one type of content that you only like in small doses, etc. Like, Karen's caught in tape for example… This happens cyclically, where I'll just get shown some Karen videos, and after I watch them, ALL IT SHOWS ME IS KARENS. Some things somehow poison the algo and edge out EVERYTHING else you like to see, don't ask me why.

    But a good "Not Interested" spree and you're back in business.

  9. I remember when a bunch of people obsessed over that TikTok girl who killed her mother. They were calling her pretty and excusing her actions. It's disgusting.

  10. There's a lot of scammers claiming that literally everything cures cancer and that you need to detox your self and so many bs 🙄🤦‍♀️…..I didn't know this Cameron thing went that far 💀💀

  11. While I understand tiktok sucks in many ways the app is not to blame for this disgusting behaviour, people been romanticising killers and serial killers since the Bundy trial in the 70's , tumblr had a huge problem with that in the mid 2000's too ,some girls are just insane and thinking with anything but their brain ,the problem is true crime and the way we allow ourselves to consume it without any respect to victims .

  12. The way tiktok has changed/warped the minds of the public has been horrific to see. I’ve had to stop watching tiktoks because I noticed I was spending WAY too much time on there and that I started to become a more cynical/meaner person while using it.

  13. What the fuck does his skin color have to do with anything…? The victim family was white.. but you didn’t mention that? He is a piece of shit killer…. Skin color had nothing to do with it.

    I just wonder…. Would you feel the need to add in “black” if he happened to be that?? Cause I fuckin doubt it…

  14. I hate what Tik Tok is doing to content creation. It’s literally hundreds of thousands of videos of people doing the exact same thing at varying degrees of skill level. From dances, to pranks, to make up and everythin else, it’s just the same thing over and over and over with no originality or uniqueness, or very rarely do they have originality or uniqueness. Long-form YouTube videos do have a lot of the same themes and a lot of different channels will cover the same topics, but you always get different insights and viewpoints and it’s presented in different ways. That is not the case with TikTok at all and I personally loathe it. TikTok has also boosted the popularity of YouTube shorts and I don’t want YouTube to turn into mainly a short form video platform.
    And that is outside of all of the like China spy stuff!!!! Ugh 😒

  15. i dont have lungs big enough to sigh over this bs. people are so stupid. please regulate your hormones oh my god… whoever needs to hear this: theres enough blue eyed black haired young adult men to drool over who killed at least less than 2 people with better hobbies and decision making. i promise.

  16. Gen Z teen here 👋
    I'm truly proud of myself that I never found any interest in the app since the beginning, always found it weird and somewhat knew it was gonna be a disaster for people my age, hell- I remember girls would be in the bathroom during middle school filming Tiktoks when some of us are just trying to do our business and it was so awkward. It really is an addiction and a shameful one for sure.

  17. Same thing happened with one of the Boston marathon bombers. It’s disgusting.
    We are so fortunate to have the Internet and it is such an amazing tool to spread the word and get attention for people who have been done a serious injustice, but that is not the situation here Anyone who is using this hashtag in support of the POS should be banned from the internet.

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