How TikTok manufactured a mental health epidemic

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there!

    I didn't think I needed to say this in the video because I hope my stance is obvious by now – but I'm not trying to take aim at the people in this video. I think a lot of folks are hurting. But I also think many more seek attention. Knowing who is who is very hard. So, I do think some of these people ARE suffering – I'm just not sure from what. Keep your kids away from THE TOK!

  2. Oh no, Sydney ! Why did you insert a shot of the corner of Réné-Lévesque and Peel from my beautiful city of Montréal at 23:24 ? You might have DID – there could be a Canadian alter inside of you.

  3. Just a note: If you count covet your cell phone facing camera, unless you are actually using a video app AT THE TIME, you're opening yourself up to AI spying.
    People were outraged (due at least ten minutes) when they found out that Facebook, Google, and Amazon were siphoning their audio, to target them for advertising (or political manipulation), but they just accept it now.
    TikTok isn't the only service that is reading your face as you read your social media.
    Put some tape over your camera when you're not on a video call!

  4. I saw a really good argument against these DID portrayals. It was a person who pointed out that DID is a disorder that is supposed to develop as a hyper cope to hide the damaged self and preserve what little remains of who they are after extreme trauma.

    So, just the fact that these young people are putting their "disorder" on display in the first place is an indication they likely don't have it. They should want to hide themselves and disassociate into themselves if they really had this diagnoses. Not put it on tiktok for all to see.

  5. I respect you soooo! Much!!! You could totally exploit your beauty but you don't! Which proves not necessary! You're a perfect example of a Woman! Love you Sydney!

  6. this kind of thing makes me SO ANGRY. i have DID(though lately i've been questioning myself about it despite a diagnosis), and this is so harmful to myself and others. i have had alters who have actively HURT ME. it isn't sunshine and rainbows, it's annoying as hell and it hurts!! it really hurts and a lot of the time i just wish i were normal! 😭

    edit: to these people who think that switches are easy, they're NOT. i've literally 'fought' with a switch for anywhere from half an hour to FIVE HOURS. it can take a long time, and sometimes it's actually painful. it's not easy peasy lemon squeezy, it SUCKS. and a lot of the time, those who switch out have absolutely no idea who they are or where they are, they can panic, and it can cause even more chaos. it's…it sucks. it really does. there are some good times, but it isn't all the time.

  7. It's nothing new that people, especially teens and young adults, use psychiatric disorders as fashion accessories to show off, and self-diagnose. A lot of them feel harmfully different to other people and the shield of a (self)diagnosis excuses them of that great crime that so many teenagers fear (being not 100% like everybody else). The problem is that these TikToks seem to be feeding into that and exacerbating the existing problem. Most kids used to (hopefully still will) outgrow that phase and maybe be embarrassed that they used to insist on having whatever diagnosis or disorder (and I'm not denying that there are real disorders teens deal with, by the way)

    I'm hoping that there are some popular TikToks that are actually having a positive effect on young people's lives, telling them that it's okay to be who they are, that everybody is different, and they don't need to excuse themselves for that

  8. Worst time in the world to be a young adult. I have a 20f, 18m, and 13f. Thankfully they are intelligent from the get go and are very grounded in reality. God that is so weird to type. They world that is being created right now will start the end times. I hope sooner rather than later we put a stop to this madness but more people need their eyes opened. Stay safe everyone.

  9. I’m almost 27, I do have and medically diagnosed with autism, I also have a ton of MEDICALLY DIAGNOSED health conditions (13 of them) starting from birth.

    This is so strange why would you want these conditions? These people are faking it, or it seems like it.

    I use TikTok I watch videos (never seen a young girl dancing) I watch funny videos when I’m bed/house bound. But this shit is fucked that your talking about!!!

  10. I may be wrong, but isnt Tic Tok a Chinese app? If so it makes sense that the videos catered to western culture are full of divisive, Toxic, and downright insane material

  11. Looks like moderately severe mental illness. Are these people functioning well in the real world? If not, the future looks even less attractive than their present dissociation. Who is picking up the pieces now, and who will help them in the future?

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