How To Debate Leftists In 2020

One of the questions I am often asked is, “How do I best debate my leftist friends, even though I know they’re going to freak out on me?” Here’s a point by point guide on how to do just that.

Also! Just to clarify; this is a set of guidelines for in-person debate. Social media confrontations, namely Twitter, are a whole ‘nother kettle of fish…

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Written by Daisy Cousens


  1. Data is debatable, 150 words is not fast, what about 'i am rubber and you are glue, what you call me bounces off of me and sticks to you' litterally, childish name calling, dead to rights.
    ''And what about…''
    ''Yes, please tell me all about the wombats''
    Let them talk all about their wombats until they are blue in the face and say NOTHING until they have finished talking about their wombats. Then return to the original subject like 'what do wombats have to do with the…' you might sound dumb to some until they have to make sense.

  2. Something that seems, to me, to get missed by both sides (I don't think that the left is consciously aware of this, although I'm sure some of them use it) is that calling someone a racist only works if they're not racist. If you're an actual racist, and someone calls you as such, it won't matter because you don't care. It only matters to people who feel that racism is bad.
    Travelling internationally allowed me to meet people who had the point of view that racism was not wrong. If you tried to shame them, it didn't work

  3. "…by attacking their character and their morality…" dont forget just straight up attacking them…and everything around them…with fireworks….

  4. Great post! And I can really see how your techniques would serve you in your situation. Personally, however, I think I'm happy to continue to hear any political point of view on most topics, to ensure I've fully considered them in coming to an informed political opinion when I decide on a matter/vote, and not necessarily look to immediately debate. But that's perhaps a very different mindset, which I appreciate might be foreign to most, as I rarely if ever am looking to adopt and defend a partisan position. My technique of "argument" is never to actually argue at all, for the most part, but rather to explain why I think the way I do if asked, but if others volunteer their ideas first, I listen and attempt to learn, and I seek to understand by asking lots of questions. How else can we entertain other points of view if not by learning all about them, right? But funny thing is that by doing this the majority of ideologue blusterers immediately run out of things to say very quickly. Because such people have no argument there's no argument to have. Whereas if they do genuinely have a justifiable point, you have the benefit of having it explained to you. It's very similar to what your beginning of discussion/debate seems to involve, but then I just end up asking questions. If people actually have good ideas they usually have answers. If I myself have an idea I'll have already made an attempt at doing the research, axiomatically, hence having formed a idea. It's not always about the position, it's about the quality of thought behind it, and whether it will work. As Ben S. said in the clip, I also look forward to discussions about policy and efficacy – and I long for a time when substance, not egotistical game-play, becomes the focus of mainstream political discussions.

  5. They can't think. They want forced oppression of opposition and call you a fascist. Know that before you try reasoning with them. I like to use their own stupid against them and argue stupid. One called me a killer for calling the virus a ruse so I said it kills 0.004% of the population in 6 months for under 70s. Over 70s don't count since 100% of the population die eventually. So 100% / 0.004% every six months is 12500 years with an average life span of 6500 years.

  6. The best part about the Shapiro Morgan debate was that at the first commercial break Ben said that piers waved off a kid in a wheelchair he have been planning on bringing on! ?

  7. You control the action when you do not attempt to defend unfalsifiable claims ("you're a bigot! Prove you're not!) and instead insist that your opponent to prove his/her assertion.

  8. Crap. I'm mid-50s, 3 heart attacks. . . and I don't own a mask. Can't wear one. Don't wash my hands unless they're dirty. Went on a number of weeks-long road trips (by car, I drove) since March – including 5k miles over 4.5 weeks that I finished a few days ago.
    I'm an optimist, for the most part. . . but apparently I hate myself because I'm old and not frightened out of my wits by the Wuhan flu. . . Weird.

  9. America is not inherently racist or unjust. Our citizens are good and generous. Our nation does more to aid those in need than any in history. The CONSTITUTION defines our rights, protections and responsibilities with LAW. We reject the premise and illogical conclusions that the radicalized, leftist indoctrinated fake media, BLM, professors, celebrities and SJW mob embrace. We're facing a Marxist agenda not a social justice movement. Their ideas and strategies are from the pages of the 'Communist Manifesto'. Knowing their socialist anarchy would be rejected they attempt to camouflage themselves. You've been unmasked. We see you. Freedom is our heritage and we will defend it.