How to do your own fair work commission claim (Australia)

Are you in danger of losing your job due to mandates?
Monica talks to the RDA in-house lawyer and an employee going through the process.
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  1. So I have already lost my job as a community home carer. Can I still do this as I asked for a religious exemption , I worked for a christian not for profit organizations
    they new I was a christian, and didn't take any medical jabs the flu shot which meant I was not allowed into the office.

  2. I'm a casual worker myself.

    I'm concerned that at some time in the future the government might legislate that workers in my position "must" provide evidence of vaccination to retain their employment, as has happened already in other jobs.

    I get on well with my employer and am appreciated as a worker… but if they were to pass legislated pressure on to me, I would far rather lose my employment that lose autonomy over my data.

    Inside a month I will have had both vaccinations – that has never been an issue for me… but my absolute right to privacy of my medical data is a HUGE issue.

    I have been granted privacy of immunisations from the A.I.R., but I do not trust any government authorities not to move the goalposts, pass midnight legislation when no-one is watching, and put me on the back foot.

    What options might be available to me if push comes to shove?

  3. Hi Monica, I received a texted by the VicGov on the 28 of October states that all beauty and personal care workers and costumers in regional Victoria must be fully vaccinated by the Friday 29 October to remain open, fines may apply, I am not vaccinated and won’t be, but I have had to close my small business hair cutting shop, any hints on how to proceed with this?

  4. We all know once the tyrants hit 95% the government will treat the 5% as criminals. It’s all pre written. No shopping for food, clothing and no medical. The only thing that can help us is resistance and saying no. But I look around and see nothing but masked zombies in Queensland with no cases anywhere. Gold Coast started wearing masks about 6 months ago bcse of one case north of Brisbane 100 km away. Then the day masks were to be removed guess what? Yep, a single so called case that didn’t eventuate to anything and the cancellation of the no mask and the zombies have being wearing them ever since. With no talk about getting rid of them until today. Once the 80% the mRNA robots can take of the oxygen restrictive wet moldy face bacterial ridden sweat stinky one time use ( lol) medical mask ( political instrument) and be rewarded, whilst the rest if stupid enough still have to endure the torture.

  5. I imagine that my workplace will just say , the state government has mandated under the state of emergency and is fining any employer and employee large sums for non compliance. How will FWC be able to fight that ?

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