How to End the War in Ukraine with Scott Ritter

Click here for the full episode, including an explosive extended interview with Scott Ritter:

Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and Chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter resigned his post in protest of US war mongering.

Immediately, he was harassed by Joe Biden, put on trial for treason, and eventually banned from Twitter for life. And when the FBI came after him, well, you can hear the language he uses for yourself.

So when he joined the Useful Idiots to discuss Joe Biden, he (like many of our recent guests), didn’t have much nice to say.

“The marine in me says he stinks. He went to war knowing it was a lie and his chief of staff told me he knew it was a lie. And yet he held a hearing that lied to the American people about a threat that put marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen’s lives at risk. People died. And not just our people, Iraqis. They didn’t deserve this, but they got it.

“And the person that gave it to them? Joe Biden. He’s the President of the United States today, and I have zero use for the man. That’s about as honest as I can get.”

He details Biden’s terrible approach to the war in Ukraine and the simple steps he’d need to end the whole thing and reach peace. But of course, Biden’s gonna Biden.

And hear the extended episode where Ritter shares some explosive takes and seething views of the government whose war crimes have led to countless deaths.

Oh, and if you want to win our hearts, take advice from Scott Ritter with quotes like:

“You guys probably get far more viewers than CNN does, so you’re far more influential.” He’s right, especially after CNN+ officially shut down this week (thanks to viewers like you).

Plus, Biden’s Trumpian approach to Assange, an MSNBC pundit joins the war, and Katie and Wilson debate whether Ted Cruz meant that Mickey would be “going at it” with Pluto or with Goofy.

It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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  1. 2 things from watching that old Biden video talking down to Ritter

    1. Joe Biden really is a piece of shit and has always been.

    2. Joe Biden's mental capabilites today have erdoded. There's no way he's in his right mind to lead

  2. I was told as a kid that Love in tennis comes from the French, l'oeuf which means egg. The egg looks like a zero.
    L'oeuf is pronounced like "lurf" which the English changed to "love".

  3. We are to believe that big bad Russia is picking on a poor weak Ukraine; this is a bold face LIE! Ukraine is the second largest military in EUROPE with Russia being the largest! The Ukrainian military was well trained and well armed by the USA/NATO .
    This war is just like WW 2 redux; where the Russian people’s are fighting the nazis all over again; The only difference they are fighting and defeating Ukrainian nazis that run both the Ukrainian government and the military under the direction, supplied by and financed by USA/NATO!

  4. USA & NATO is NOT interested in ending the war, they purposely trying to ESCALATE the WAR into another ILLEGAL AMERICAN FOREVER WAR, now that the Afghanistan forever WAR PROFITEERING PROFIT$… oops, I mean WAR has ended.
    USA & NATO DESPERATELY need another FOREVER WAR, so their BIG $$$ POLITICAL DONOR$ can keep PROFITEERING from the WAR, and the loss of life that will result is INCONSEQUENTIAL to them. as long as those PROFIT$ ROLL IN!

  5. Scott Ritter's interviews are amazing… every one of them has a wealth of NEW information. If he would write one book on his full experience, it would be as many volumes as Sandburg's Civil War history.

  6. And Nobody ask the question how Saddam came to power? He was the a US/CIA stooge in the '70s, after the Revolution '79 in Iran which ousted the US's stooge/dictator Shah, the CIA faccilitated a Coup in Iraq and installed Saddam as 'Their' man and as ordered he started a war of aggression in '80 against Iran to turn their Revolution around and return Iran back to the US's control. In the 8 year long bloody war Donald Rumfeld was a regular visitor at Saddam bringing him intel + money and know-how how to beat those pesky Iranians who fought back. All his WMD programs are for this task funded adviced by the US and other western partners in crime but in the end he failed '88 to the dismay of his US + western patrons + puppeteers. In an attempt to salvage the US let a US vessel "deliberately" shot down an Iranian civilian airliner an murdered over 200 passengers to bait/lure the Iranians into an attack of the US State-Terrorist culprits, this would gave the US an excuse to attack Iran and twist the arms of many of their so-called allies to join a potential war against Iran because they figured in their weaken state it would be a good oportunity but the Iranians didn't take the bait. The Massmurdering State-Terrorist Commander of this US Vessle "USS Vincennes" was even Awarded for his coward War-Crime. After all this Saddam was only a burden and they dropped him like a hot potato and he was turned from Ally to Enemy No1.

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