How to Get EVERYONE Vaccinated

If we really want to get everyone vaccinated, we are going about it the wrong way. The heavy-handed mandates are creating a strong and growing opposition and entrenching unnecessary division.

We used to respect minorities. Not so any more it seems!

This is a segment from The People’s Project episode ‘Daniel Andrews Will Lose The Next Election’:


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  1. This becomes a redundant conversation because it's become abundantly clear, it's not about health, as the "science" has revealed the jabs are not doing what was promised. So whats left is a certificate that either permits or denies a citizen freedom of movement. Let's not beat around the bushes.

  2. You can only convince people by honest argumentation and proven track record of safety. Every single attempt to force or extort people into vaccination must be punished and will be punished in most severe manner.

  3. Are any politicians vaccinated?????? Don't think so. 100%sure. We the people that vote them in and this is how we got repaid……shame on all and know they are targeting our children ….the first injection to touch a child may their hand cripple. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH

  4. Why is no one mentioning the fact that is illegal to forcefully by coercion or any other means that is without consent to carry out a medical procedure on anyone.
    It’s a debate that is unnecessary!
    No consent = no vaccination = no debate !
    I thought the Nuremberg trials settled that issue…
    When I have a surgical procedure and an anaesthstiv. A specialist won’t even book you into hospital with a Comsent Firm being signed and the anesthetist always checks his paper work to ensure you’ve signed…
    Where as the medical profession been through all this.
    If I refuse a medication in hospital the nurse writes on my chart “refused”.
    What is wrong with these pro vaxers who believe everyone should be vaxed because they got vaxed.. !

  5. Oh common, opinions? They mean nothing when there is real scientific data and information pointing to fallacy that this Covid Plandemic is. The solution which governments embraced becomes nothing but Propaganda in the light of available science. I understand how difficult can be the realization that the one who is meant to protect you is your molester. This is a crime at hand, know it.

  6. Get this straight, the vaccines do not stop infection and they do not stop spread. There are technical reasons why this is so and if you want to hear them from the overly venerated Peter Doherty, then listen to his interview with Coleman Hughes where he explains about URT ACE2 numbers Vs URT antibodies. Doherty explains it well.

  7. There is NO way everyone can get vaccinated. There will be those whose body will not accept the vaccine. There will be those who will object on religious or moral grounds to the use of dead foetus for experimentation. There will be those who have weighed up their risks and have decided they would rather tackle the virus than take the vaccine. And there will be those who do not trust the government. Dan Andrews has certainly made it clear we cannot trust him or his cronies.

  8. My sister was covid positive.. I'm double vax not by choice… wasent at risk catching covid the JAB ment to protect us??? And who don't get it is more at risk isnt that the case?? I personally don't know why pple getting anel about un vaxxed there choice who cares.

  9. Absolutely right. We don't know the long term consequences, let alone the intergenerational consequences. I get it that we now do not have representative polititians, we have pharmaceutical sales reps in office. Reason has fled the building.

  10. Big Brains fall short again!
    UN Agenda 21/ WEF Great Reset/ Globalist Technocrats, this is the diabolical tyranny you "can't quite put my finger on"!
    The Ugly truth or the Beautiful lie, choose your own reality & reap the consequences!

  11. the point is Pfizer and thereby the government will not tell you anything about the possible side-effects and some of them could even be life threatening. It's all about greed and compliance; people's lives don't really matter much, never have !

  12. If vaccinated are scared of unvaccinated, well they are idiots BECAUSE AREN'T THEY VACCINATED? The logic is insane, and does not withstand the slightest inspection.

  13. We can’t ask anyone if they have HIV, so why has anyone in a shop allowed to ask you your personal medical information?
    People in shops are now being tyrants. When all of this is over and the customers don’t come they have only themselves to blame. They are oppressing people and stopping people from shopping. It’s wrong, illegal. People are suffering and these cowardly politicians don’t care.

  14. You could argue it is irresponsible to take the vax. It doesnt stop spread of the virus to the vaxed. So the vaxed are a potential breeding ground for variants that become resistant to our best technology. The responsible thing to do would be to wait for the invention of a sterilising vaccine properly tested or rely on broad spectrum natural immunity.

  15. Perfectly said. You can be pro-vaccine, pro-science, pro-technological development, and remain pro-choice, pro-democracy, and pro-freedom. Anyone in power ignoring that sentiment is doing so deliberately and it is terrifyingly obvious to those not blinded by fear and blatant manipulation.

  16. Evolution cannot be written in to law nor can it be mandated. Sometime in the next ten years we will know who was smarter, the rest will probably be dead or maimed. Given the recent scientific research you can't help but weep for the parents who have done this to their children.

  17. I have a medical reason not to have it (allergic to 3x older vax) yet no doc will give me an exemption cause 'I have no proof of previous reactions'. Medical records are destroyed after 7 years after you turn 25, my last reaction I was a teenager. Doc wanted to jab me and let a reaction happen!

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