How To Save At Least Six Communities From Bankers’ Bastardry!

An important call to arms with Robbie Barwick from the Australian Citizens Party, aimed at saving SIX bank branches which are ear-marked for closure in the next few days, leaving more communities in the lurch, without property banking services in the community.

In the next fortnight, the big banks which gorge themselves on massive profits from taxpayer support will shut down branches in 10 regional towns around Australia.

Six of those towns will lose their last bank, which will be a massive blow to the local economy and community. They are:

• Bombala NAB: closing 8 December
• Dysart NAB: closing 15 December
• Tom Price Westpac: closing 16 December
• Wongan Hills Westpac: closing 16 December
• Mannum BankSA (Westpac): closing 16 December
• Yankalilla BankSA (Westpac): closing 9 December

Please call the Treasurer, and Members relevant to the state in which the branches are located and demand that the Government intervenes to stop this community damage from occurring.

Contact details:
Treasurer Jim Chalmers: 02 6277 7340 (Parliament) 07 3299 5910 (Electorate)
Eden-Monaro MP Kirsty McBain: 02 6284 2442 (Bombala NAB branch)
Capricornia MP Michelle Landry: 07 4922 6604 (Dysart NAB)
Durack MP Melissa Price: 08 9964 2195 (Geraldton) 08 9041 1749 (Merredin) (Tom Price and Wongan Hills Westpacs)
Barker MP Tony Pasin: 08 8531 2466 (Mannum BankSA)
Mayo MP Rebekha Sharkie: 08 8398 5566 (Yankalilla BankSA)
Gilmore MP Fiona Phillips: 02 4423 1782 (Vincentia Westpac)
O’Connor MP Rick Wilson: 08 9842 2777 (Collie and Bridgetown Westpacs)
Wright MP Scott Bucholz: 07 5541 0150 (Laidley NAB)

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  1. Within 60 seconds of walking into a bank an employee approaches me to apply pressure to move me on either by encouraging me to use the online option or taking me aside – if I allow them to.

  2. Another reason they are closing down regional bank branches is they want to cram everyone into the cities. They have already earmarked global lockdowns in UK 2024. Can’t leave anywhere outside a 15 min walk or cycle. Cars won’t be allowed

  3. Martin I forgot to mention that the govt in one of your videos mentioned getting rid of letter post. That would mean all our correspondence would be digital and accessible by govt departments and hackable by criminals. Probably would mean direct debits for all bills too.

  4. Yep it’s confirmed, our last bank in Wongan hills is closing down in under 2 weeks. I was labeled a conspiracy theorists earlier this year by the bank manager because I wish her luck with her next job (I should of put money on it ) . Our town is safe from crime because of all the cameras going up in public places , it makes me feel lucky because our atm machines are working half the time and the closest one is 100kms away

  5. The government (federal/state) should insist that the banks enter into a social agreement with them whereby if a social impact assessment requires it banks are to provide a level of service which would be deemed adequate to protect the value and investment of a community/town.

  6. I was travelling through Europe….people are using cash more than ever… in Austallia? "hey look at me! Im playing with an electronic watch for my soy late!, Cash is too dangerous because someone may rob you!", no confidence in protecting what they have, no manliness, soy boys!!

  7. 100% it is the war on cash. What do you expect in a socialist country? I still use cash but if the governments want to remove cash what do you expect? But why do you need bank branches to transact in cash? Why can't you just use ATM's? Just curious.

  8. I live near Seymour and shop there and this is a surprise to me that the bank is closing, would love to know which business copped this from the bank. That bank would have had to call security if it was me. I have made it my mission to use cash as much as possible and the people in my area are surprised to see someone using it which is alarming.

  9. We need this PostBank. Im there doing my banking anyways, having to line up now in long lines for a crappy service that im paying for both the PO and the bank at the same time.

  10. The government is in bed with the banks to close down ALL bank branches Australia wide to force people into online banking exclusively so they can then easily swap the unwary public from online banking to their new digital currency, which is not only a COMPLETELY different system but a different currency altogether.

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