How to Survive the Coming Economic Disaster

Jim Rickards is a renowned lawyer, economist and author of Sold Out!: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy, available for pre-order now.


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Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.


00:00 Intro
01:25 Inflation or Recession?
09:20 War in Ukraine: Global Supply Chain Impact
17:30 ‘The Five Eyes’ Report on Global Supply Chain
23:35 A New “Members Only” Phase of Globalisation
36:10 End of Globalisation and Peace – Nuclear Warfare
45:43 Geoeconomics: Ukraine War Consequences
53:41 Ukraine War: Is There a Way Out?
55:58 How Will a New Global System Play Out?
58:42 Benefits of Holding Cash in a Financial Crash
01:03:43 Diversification: Energy Sector, Farmland, Real Estate, and Gold
01:07:14 Cryptocurrencies – The End of Money?
01:09:49 Impending US Debt Crisis

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  1. The world was progressing without Russia during the Cold War, and without China before CCP opened up! I’m sure we can survive well without these two evil regimes! The new supply chain has to connect countries which play by the international rules! And make sure that the international waters and airspace are protected! CCP has invaded SCS and just started its evil act at Solomon Island!

  2. 00:23:35 I met KK at a Free Speech event at Oxford back in February 2020 a few days after the last interview with Jim. I suggest to chat with Chris Parry (Former Royal Navy admiral) who has written about the subject of the world splitting into two blocs with Autocracies (Led by China, Russia and their client countries Iran, Pakistan, African countries) vs the Maritime Democracies (USA, UK, EU, Japan, AUS, CAN, NZ… India etc)

  3. @54:03 Maybe this interview is taped? Zelensky already said he would remain neutral and keep out of NATO. That's what he's been doing the whole time!  Zelensky is lying.
    Don't get me wrong: I think Russia needs to "De-Putin" it's self, and retire Putin. If they know what good for Russia, they will make Putin retire to the Crimea. Russia knows nothing, because they drink too much vodka.
    ANYWAYS: Putin knows Zelensky is lying. NATO HAS BEEN THERE IN WESTERN UKRAINE FOR YEARS TRAINING THE AZOV BATTALION! So Putin is attacking. But AZOV and all the NATO COMPLIANT ARMS AND NATO TRAINED PERSONNEL ARE STILL THERE IN UKRAINE. Putin has been unable to destroy the NATO compliant Ukrainians. So this idea that Putin is going to settle for just the Donbas is silly. Putin is going to De-NAZI-FY (and kill all the NATO trained personnel) and de-NATO the UKRAINE, and Putin is not leaving until it's been done. And the whole world is going to have problems until it's done, and that will be years. Sad. I do not like Putin: he's a communist, KGB, who is rightly known for "Blowing Up Russia". The Russians need to retire him. They will not. IMHO

  4. FEDS make no mistakes. They have enriched their banking cartel members flawlessly for over 300 years since the first private central bank of England and the Rothschild dynasty. Awesome business model and I am so jealous I am not a member of this criminal banking cartel.

  5. I like Jim, but he has actually been wrong about inflation for a couple of years now. He has always been in the deflation camp and has consistently said that inflation has peaked even as it has gotten higher.
    He's still wrong – inflation will go through the roof, and it will only end when the fiat monetary system itself has collapsed.

  6. According to Radio6 news the other day, Britain was going to suffer economically worse than any other country from the Russo / Ukraine conflict. They didn't say how, or why.

  7. On the topic of 5 eyes. Rio Tinto in Australia has cut ties with Russia by terminating it's part ownership of an aluminium producer. Also, an Australian company Leigh Creek Energy has partnered with South Korea's Daelim to produce urea for fertilizer production. Jim's 5 eyes analysis appears to be spot on and there's a lot of work being done to take care of local supply lines

  8. 54:00 Rickards is a sharp guy, but this claim of his is really misleading, and I'm sure he knows it because he's a former spook. To claim that "all it would take to avoid the war" was a pledge not to join NATO and to remain neutral is not at all clear. Zelensky has already said publicly he doesn't have a problem with pledging not to join NATO, so if a pledge of "neutrality" was the only other component, he'd have figured it out. He has been emphatic that he doesn't intend to give up Donbass and the rest of the territory that Putin declared independence for.

    Zelensky doesn't appear dumb enough to let the USA exploit him as a cat's paw against Russia. I think Jim's totally off his rocker to make claims like that.

  9. UGH. 1:13:00 We just started ignoring debt under Obama/Trump?!? Like hell. That shit started in the '80s! Reagan campaigned on the Federal government being huge and wasteful and out of control and then he EXPANDED and tripled the national debt! So eventually, when Dubya takes office and tells everyone he's going to mail everyone a check, start a bunch of wars, AND start a massive new unfunded Medicare entitlement, Dick Cheney gets to go on TV and say "deficits don't matter, Reagan proved it."

    I've read a couple of your books, Jim. You really should be better than that.

  10. Wow he sure hates EVs. Alot of the minerals he mentions as coming from Russia are actually more abundant in Australia, surely he knows that. Tesla factories haven't shut down at all due to lack of supplies ( except for the Shanghai lockdown) and if you want a Tesla you have to wait because demand outstrips supply by so much. That old furphy about charging EVs off coal relies on a static view as if the grid isn't evolving, and especially in the UK we all know that the share of coal has been decreasing year over year and this is even occurring in the USA. These sorts of views simply wont stand up in only a few years.

  11. So Biden should have listened to Richard’s and John Meinsheimer (U of Chicago) before getting the U.S. in another foreign entanglement. But Bill Clinton reneged on thev1991 promise to Russia that NATO would not expand to its borders. Do we say Damn Democrats?

  12. Great discussion. Although I disagree with Jim over the avoidance of war in Ukraine. He spent the best part of an hour detailing the very complex and nuanced situation with regards to the world economy in the light of the pandemic and tensions with Russia and China. Then went on to say that war in Ukraine could have been avoided simply by Zezensky declaring that Ukraine would not join NATO and remain neutral. This isn't true! Putin has stated publicly his economic desire and idealistic claim to Ukraine. The buffer state neutrality rhetoric is just a smoke screen to cover for Putin's actual intentions.

  13. I don't see how Ukraine committing to neutrality would stop the war. Putin wants control of Donbas, regardless of whether Ukraine are neutral. They would have to commit to neutrality (which Zelensky has capitulated on and said he is open to) AND give up certain territories. Giving up the territories is the red line.

  14. Jim still has a Security Clearence and Toes The Party Line. When he talks about Africa, he fails to mention the the "Countries" came out of The Scramble For Africa and the European Conferences to draw Arbitrary Divide and Rule Lines on the map. He mentions Mobutu, but not the A___ Hole Leopold II or the Giant Belgium Corporate Chemical Giant Solvay. The International Bankers wreak havoc and Kenya, for example, spends more than 50%of Govt Budget servicing Foreign Debt, not including Corporates. Ghadaffi tried the Pan African Dinah and ended up with a Stake up his Anus, with Hillary Clinton Demonucalky Cackling all the way from the CFL to the Bank. Patrick Lumumba bears a mention in the DFC context and on one hand CIA train West African Camp Benning Army Officers for Coups and Democratic Leaders travel to America on Agendaless Trips immediate before Elections, many of which are Controversial, to say the least.

  15. Order out of Chaos is the New World Order of the day. Balance of Power is excercised in a One Dimensional East West Axis and Yang/Yang North Atlantic Charter Type Structures like NATO and the UNO have had THEIR day, along with Bretton Woods and the Whole Central Bank Money For Nothing Ponzi Scheme that is the Real Power in The World.

  16. Guys, Maybe you've already thought of & rejected this. But……what if you put together a show combining all or at the most interesting answers to your last question from various shows? Just saying. Mark Lee, Austin Tx.

  17. Putin DID say a few years ago, addressing the Russian people, that Russia would never be the first side to use strategic nuclear weapons, even if it meant ending up as a nation of "martyrs."

  18. I dispute this man’s comments about China being atheist communist and besmirching those of us who don’t believe in god any more than we believe in Santa. China is a cult with the great leader instead of a god. If you don’t understand that you haven’t listened to enough of Christopher Hitchens.

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