How Trudeau, MSM BETRAYED The Canadian Working Class And Persecuted Protesting Truckers: BJ Dichter

Spokesperson for the Benjamin J. Dichter Freedom Convoy B.J. Dichter discusses the portrayal of February’s Freedom Convoy by the legacy media. #freedomconvoy #freedom

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  1. The best part was how the government was complaining about things being shut down was the most ironic comments I ever heard. They had the whole country shut down for 2 years straight but two square blocks of downtown Ottawa was Over The Line. It's okay when the government shuts everything down and people lose their businesses

  2. I am S.ASIAN immigrant I supported them because I know our Canadian brothers are not violent and they have a right to protest peacefully. I donate them my week income. I did the same thing for Ukrainian people too.

  3. Yes but what about those ethnic names of the authorities behind the anti-trucker decisions….as is often the case we see first and second generation people in positions of power in the west who enforce evil decisions against the established commonsense of ordinary people.

  4. Your confluence of the border blockades with the Ottawa protest is concerning. They were definitely related, but the way you introduced it made it sound like the border blockade was just as long as the Ottawa protest.

  5. Crime Minister Trudork is the biggest TRAITOR in Canadian history! Everything this TYRANT does is an act of TREASON and he should be in Prison!! He is destroying our country and our way of life! 🤬

  6. The mainstream media lied sooooo many times about the Freedom Convoy and politicians lied about the protestors too. The Convoy brought hope and it is sad to see how people fell for such propaganda.

  7. It is really truly sad that both sides of the aisle are corrupt in Canada and the USA and the rest of the world actually we almost have nowhere to go we have to fight bring back integrity bring back honesty bring back logistics logistics to say that word right we can't turn the left we can't turn the right Canada and USA need a new party to count on there's too many rhinos in the USA and if conservatives here in Canada are liberal idiots in disguise and we need a central channel to go let's get a new political party going I voted for People's party of Canada I believe in Pierre though I want to vote Pierre if People's party of Canada has a better chance of actually winning I'll vote for them but Pierre's got my vote for now we need somewhere to go we need center ground center territory of political ground to actually figure out what is really going on how to fix it

  8. I really wish I could thank you , you don't how much it meant to ne I worked until I broke a week before the protest I wished I would have held on thank you so it 20 min when drove through fergus it so cold but I was so warm stand on the side of road as passed honking , I was blessed to see you I felt I can't explain it my arm reached for the sky for ten min after the last truck past I did want to miss a single truck. I remembered people doing that for me when I won metals. I am so sry I don't have a metal for you guys but hands were up in the scream yes, yes , yes.
    The next time your favorite team score and you jump with your hands up and scream yeh, that's was doing ty
    Also Hurdle

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