How UK intel used the BBC to smear antiwar academics

Journalist Kit Klarenberg joins Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate to discuss the latest BBC assault on academic critics of US and UK interventionism, and to provide concrete details on the role of British intelligence in preparing the smears.

Read Klarenberg’s article, “BBC assault on antiwar academics was apparent product of UK intel plot” here:

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  1. What a surprise, here we are in the UK forced by law and a gun up our noses to pay a fee for the lies of the BBC and any other broadcaster who are in terminal collapse the moronic elite are so out of touch they just don't know it yet. But of course we plebs may go and die for the glory of our WEF fed elite the only solution is a revolution or is it?

  2. "Asked by the BBC what he thought happened in Bucha, Dr Schlosberg said: "I have no idea. My only understanding is that I think no-one else really knows what happened. I think there is a very strong likelihood that there were very serious atrocities, almost certainly the vast majority of which were committed by Russia."

    Dr Schlosberg says the idea that he was pushing a particular Kremlin narrative is absurd. He says he took to Twitter because it wasn't clear what was going on in Bucha, and that it was right to apply due caution and not to draw foregone conclusions until there had been an independent and authoritative investigation by the UN.

    Dr Schlosberg said he was also "concerned about disinformation that can sometimes come from Western governments". He added that the criticism he received on Twitter resembles "authoritarianism", and likened it to 1950s McCarthyism in the US, when Communists or suspected Communists were accused of trying to overthrow the government." – By Chloe Hadjimatheou, Anna Meisel and Hazel Shearin. source – – Hardly a beat-up by Chloe. I think you doth protest too much.

  3. As the once World class BBC deliberately fail to report the Global uprising, and opposition to the destruction of farmers lives continues, do any BBC employees feel guilty at being complicit in these atrocities? And how can they look their children in the eye?

  4. The BBC is funded by a fee charged to UK households and established by Royal Charter, renewable every ten years.
    The Charter sets out five purposes.
    First and foremost of these is to provide impartial output to inform and educate.
    Clearly they are in breach of this Charter.
    This is important because if it were a private commercial company it could produce any narrative it wished but it's not.

    The list of issues, and news worthy stories both at home and abroad the BBC has absolutely refused to report on or they have presented a derisive parody is growing daily.

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