How US-backed Maidan coup, Russiagate led to war in Ukraine

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As the wife of key Russiagate figure George Papadopoulos, attorney Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos had a front-row seat to the Trump-Russia saga. Mangiante discusses the role of Russiagate in sabotaging diplomacy with Russia and fueling the post-2014 proxy war in Ukraine, as well her new documentary film, “Ukraine: The Everlasting Present.”

Guest: Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos. Attorney and former EU legal advisor.

“Ukraine: The Everlasting Present”

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  1. I wish the world which the 'western media' caters to, would see accurate news sources such as this. What a difference it could make? What a difference it would make for Americans to ACTUALLY learn and accept the truth…not just about Ukraine, but Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, etc.

  2. It’s not really worth it to discuss the nuances of the situation publicly. We’ve devolved back to 2002 bush era. It’s the same tactic in the media. Either way I appreciate another point of view. Much of the information I’ve heard previously from Greyzone and was able to look it up and verify. It’s been a long build up. Either way hopefully the war is over soon

  3. What utter nonsense. The Ukrainians want to be part of Europe. They don't want to be dominated by Russia, where average incomes are 600 Euros a month, and there is no free media (or free anything). Grayzone is oh-so-clever and groovy anti-American. But you people are idiots. Can you blame the Ukrainians for not wanting to be Russian slaves?

  4. Aaron, I find your questions on Ukraine to be very helpful. Also useful: your understanding of American-backed Ukrainian "nationalist" governments with
    some fascist membership. Your guest may be right about some things, but her credibility suffers big-time from her connection with former Trump advisor Papadopoulos.

  5. How does this GZ not get banned by YouTube or is someone simply tracking all of us commenters as potential "ruskie lovers". Damn, most people just want the truth and when you had to deal with all the politicians and media lying (MSNBC, CNN, FOX). Honest guys like Pat Tillman that would put their million dollar football contracts on the line to become Army Rangers … it's the corrupt media and politicians that would put their advancement over the truth … those are the real creeps out there that bring insult to the injury of honest men and women in every country that would put forth honest sacrifice for their respective countries if only their leaders could respect them.

  6. I mean idk if I want to be the one to say this but this is really nothing new, the US/NATO has always had an interest in the Ukraine as a means to have an ally against Russia considering it was NATO support that helped them establish independence after the collapse of the USSR. $5Bill in aid funds 19991. So the idea that the US/NATO is/has attempted coup in the region is nothing new if not widely talked about. The 'grassroots' up rising is a CIA 101.

    IDK honestly, to say that the US was irresponsible in doing so I would agree most of the time; however, I'm not one who wishes to see dictatorship expand, especially from a known abuser of KGB power like Putin is. Everyone deserves a chance to live in benevolence and the nether the US nor Russia are that in their own kind, one is just far more likely to be blatant about it. Just pick a day and I'll tell you who it happens to be on it. :/

    Live in pursuit of peace.

  7. Manafort worked for the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine. He played a role in softening the GOP''s platform regarding sanctions levelled against Russia for the occupation(invasion) of Crimea. Manafort also gave internal polling data to Russian intelligence. WTF do you call that? Patriotism?

  8. First ad was about 5 minutes long. Second ad was about 2 minutes long. At least there were ads….is that good? I let them play fully, so now you're filthy rich oligarchs too, eh?

  9. Simona is a brave woman to shed light on the dark, Satanic, demonic lies spread by the pedophile Western sissy politicians who fund American Public School System to teach their children in California that there are 72 genders and they (students) could pick any gender they want at any time! What sort of a fucked up society is that to teach young children that kind of fucked-up, Satanic bullshit from the Pit of Hell?

  10. It's ironical as the U.S congress members shouting about freedom to justify spending of Billions to enrich the Death Merchants, as lots of American have no freedom from homelessness and the worries of living expenses thet keep rising by the seconds.

  11. We've been conditioned for as long as we've lived, that Russia is the big bad villain. From the news, movies and even sports.
    When I worked in Switzerland, we got a new employee, a Russian, and I remember feeling a bit antagonistic towards her, a weird feeling that I was supposed to not like her, while everyone else was cool with her. It's amazing how brainwashed we can be.

  12. Why has to world only focussed on Ukraine when there are currently many other wars and humanitarian atrocities happening in other parts of the world? Is this the kind of institutionalized RACISM that actually exists? What would the so-called West be doing if the war was in an Arab country and not Ukraine? Most likely NOTHING!!! This reflects the hypocrisy and bigoted narrative of the evil West:

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