How US Blackmails Other Countries – Explained By German Diplomat

A video more than a decade old featuring German diplomat Werner Weidenfeld in a TV appearance has resurfaced on Twitter, and it’s worth watching. In the segment Weidenfeld explains that the United States intelligence agencies embrace Germans when they agree, guilt trip Germans about World War II when they mildly disagree, and blackmail Germans with compromising information they’ve obtained when the disagreements are over major issues.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the scurrilous practices engaged in by US intelligence agencies to keep even staunch allies from exhibiting too much independence.

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  1. Translation seems to be auto-generated. In the "secondary issues" described (where the translation talks about "rain" for some reason?), the diplomat paraphrases the US government saying what roughly amounts to "Hey Germany, we're protecting you and stuff. Where's the gratitude?"

    Seriously wonder why such bad translations make the rounds (same with a speech from Put!n regarding "golden ages" that has tons of weird sentences in the "translation")…

  2. These people are Not Capitalist, they are Straight Oligarchs, Modern Day Pirates who have Taken Over a Nation to Steal and the Destroy the World to Benefit the Elite Oligarchs Only… and the rest of us remain Serf-Slaves, like the a Hyper Version of the UK Royal Crown.

  3. Europe has been occupied by USA since 1945 they kept troops and military bases like in Syria, they even decided your political parties and they blackmail you if you're going against it's interest. Is that really free, did they really free you?

  4. The Coup D'etat in 1963 Against "We The People" Of America, Carried Out By A Private, Corporate, Extra Constitutional & Extra Territorial Criminal Cabal At War With "We The People" & At War Incestuously Among & With Itself For Global Dominance. Documented Evidence Of Grandad Bush Financing NAZI's Before & During WWII & The Then Post WWII NAZI Ideological Infiltration Of A Small But Now Controlling Apparatus "Deep State" Section Of The USA Government.

    It Is Not "The Constitutional United States Of America" "The Government Of The People By The People For The People" Doing These Things Around The World. If You Don't Use It People, You'll Lose It !!!

  5. Jimmy, you have fans in Germany. Reach out if you need help with translations in situations like this and you will be suprised. that auto translate was garbage and from what i was able to hear before you got what he meant.

  6. what he meant with what happens with disagreement when it comes to secondary issues that the Germans disagree with the US publicly is that the Americans will point that out and say, look we liberated Germany and now they can even disagree with us thanks to the freedoms the got from us. so they can use that for their own means and as propaganda. see, our ally disagrees with us and we are cool with because thats what we are all about. what i would like to know is what type of shit they had against the germans to use as blackmail.

  7. We in Europe need to divorce ourselves from USA before it's to late, and create better cooperation and trade through Eurasia.
    NATO has to be disolved and be replaced with an european militaryalliance without USA

  8. i love how jimmy called the spd a right wing party because they claim to be left and are viewed so by most of the public. so a jerkof comedian on youtube is right about german politics without knowing anything about it.

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  10. If you think the CIA only does internationally legal actions, you haven't read their charter. If you think the CIA only does illegal coups and assassinations in countries like Iran, you haven't attended a single history class or watched an American television since 1963. If you think that the CIA only intimidates and blackmails foreign democracies like UK, Sweden and Germany, which could have had fully developed socialism after 80 years of peace since WWII had they been unobstructed, you haven't listened to their own bragging done on mainstream media like CNN. If you think money isn't a good enough reason to betray the ideals of peace, humanism, international cooperation, science, fairplay and justice at home and abroad by ostensibly nationalistic but actually commercial interests who teach lying first before job instruction, you are a woman, democrat, transvestite, religious, or just rich. The CIA is not the tool or an inconvenience or a necessity, they are the single and only enemy existing between us and utopia. We could solve homelessness, infrastructure, healthcare and we could be working on real problems that involve human advancement rather than just shoring up basic human necissities, like Mars colonization, fusion energy, plastic recycling, neutrino astronomy. We could have endless YouTube videos without censorship and 5 kids per woman, but the CIA has been in the way because of money while espousing nationalism and destroying democracy while censoring its advocates as first resort, blackmailing as a second and intimidation and assassination where appropriate, regardless of citizenship THE WHOLE TIME. Whatever your policy goal is, whatever your economic dream is, whatever your familial hope is, the CIA is your first and only obstacle.

  11. America blows up the German pipeline and the German government does not even complain. The video below shows the days when Germany stood up to America. On the 8 Feb 2003 German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, tells Donald Rumsfeld that he has not made a case for invading Iraq and Germany will not join the coalition with America.

    Video Title: "German FM makes impassioned plea for peace".
    Channel Name: "AP Archive".

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