How will they spin Soledar?

How will they spin Soledar?
The Duran: Episode 1481



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Amazing music contribution from Peter Brown.
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Written by The Duran


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  1. Alexander was on fire today. The only bombs were truth bombs. What I appreciate the most, however, is answering the most important question for me: what happens next?

  2. I'm a little disagree with Alexander here (21:55) because if EU gives all their weapons systems to Ukrainian regime, then Americans going to replace it and personally I think that exactly what yanks want, in a long run that brings to them trains loads of money not mentioning complete dominance over Europe and UK.

  3. Keep in mind. Zelensky is a Jew as most of his cabinet members, Ukraine medias, businesses, oligarchies and the likes are. Liberals that are part of this war in the west are also them. Those fighting and dying for them are Christian and European Ukrainians and also mercenaries from the west. This war is not affecting but benefiting him and his people. That is why he doesn't care about the death and destruction there including in Russia and Europe as well.

  4. Do you guys think there's any chance of any journalist from a main western MSM or tablet outlet , braking ranks , growing a pair and report the real facts of this war/SMO , and potential catastrophy to humanity it could lead to ??

  5. The official narrative in France this morning is that's it's only a small and unimportant town. The fall is still officially unconfirmed. Wagner supposedly sent human wave after human wave until the ukrainians ran out of bullets, mostly because they want to seize the salt mines and exploit them. An awful waste of russian lives and equipment that has crippled the Russian army for no other reason than the greed of some russian oligarchs, while the ukrainians with their new wonder weapons are about to launch the final offensive on Crimea.

  6. Yesterday, I watched a western mercenary, back from Ukraine, interviewed by a Western channel, who said that he thought that about 25% of the weapons sent to Ukraine actually arrived in the country. I don't know where he got his figures, but that, for what it's worth, was his assessment.

  7. From a military perspective I think attacking from above is easier than defending from below. If true then the defense is fighting a suicidal war. Why do they not surrender? Are the Azov nazi’s preventing them? Then they should turn on them and then surrender.

  8. That makes no sense. Once NATO starts WW III by starting open combat with the Russians, all NATO warships, supertankers and LNG carriers are targets and will be under attack within hours of WW III starting. Russia will also hit NATO air bases. It is almost certainly to go nuclear withing days. Only lunatics think WW III will not be nuclear.

  9. Are the West seeking to fight the whole Orthodox world? Look who they fund and support and otherwise ignore in Ethiopia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and now even in Europe too!
    Lord save thy people and bless thine inheritance

  10. The West's plan in my opinion, is to try and exhaust Russia at the expense of the Ukranians. Of course, I am not saying anything new here as this strategy has been expressed by the US leadership many times.
    On this basis therefore, the longer the keep the Russians fighting, and presumably fighting for every mm of ground they will eventually send in the Poles and the other 'willings' as the next wave, so to this end your conclusions make absolute sense.

  11. I still stick to the Globalists bringing forward their 2030 "Plot" now to coincide with the Centenary of the Kalergi "Plot"
    Since their 9/11 Scam they have been getting the Christians all over the Middle East Genocided by their various Jihadi Proxies while causing the Mass Invasion of All European Countries and ALL Our Governments are Colluding with them.
    Here in Britain We are bringing in an Army of Enemies who Hate us while the 1% Government will quite Knowingly and Willingly send Our Military to their Deaths along with the Christian Ukrainians against Mainly Christian Russians
    "Britain with No Military and No Weapons left here this Country will be a Butchers Shop"

  12. I as a citizen of Holland never asked for regime change or Russian riches, stronger, I hope and Russia achieve a complete victory. As for America legitimacy Alexander, it has and deserves none. The American regime is the most evil, hidious and anti humane regime on the planet!

  13. Ukraine troops was a well armed and trained according to NATO standard but has being contained and with high deaths rates and loss of weapons, clearly the western power can't send their own forces to face the same disaster us Ukraine because they love them selves and their own population cannot accept these.

  14. Well, there is no danger of NATO involving directly, that is why last 2 months USA representatives are talking about "Wide coallition of WILLING", and that WIDE coalition are UK, USA, Poland and Baltic states, with plan that there would be also Moldova and Romania, but the WILLINGNESS of these latter two are very questionable (almost as Bulgarian level questionable, you just don't see it, because the atmosphere in this countries are strictly kept out of mainstream medias…)
    So, it is obviouse, and it was obviouse in December 2021, when BYden himself personally said NATO will do everything in their power to help Ukraine (what anyone could only understand as full NATO ground anad air support to Ukraine), it was obviouse that NATO would actually hussle Ukraine into proxy war (explaining them later they ment everything in NATO power that doesn't transgress in direct involvement, as they, indeed, explained them exactly in that words on 25th Ferbruary 2022).
    So, it is obviouse there is no will in WIDER NATO for making this conflict direct, that is why you need WIDER coalition of WILLING, that is actually very narrowed NATO, and even that "willing" is lacking, so they need to go arround and make pressure on variouse nations, to scare them into the submission…
    Bulgaria is no tthe only one pressured: Slovenia (litle country bordering with Croatia and Austria) also in one moment said they will not send weapons and will not involve, then they had to swallow their words and send something… Austria, the only country in EU that is not in the NATO, but millitary neutral, tried to stay out of this mess, but they were several tiems arm tweested to send weapons and money etc.
    So, it is not few small countries, it is actually more than a half of NATO members asking themselves is this it: is their place there to be just blind nad death servants, just to execute orders, with no voice whatsoever, not even the right to make a complain… It could function like that when you do that in Iraq, Lybia, Syria etc, on the other side of the world, in countries that has no meaning nor improtance for you, but when it is on your border, and on expance of your interests… it will not go like that.
    Don't be surprised if you see NATO membership start to disolve during 2023, because closer it come to direct involvment, it will be more courage in that "little countries" to leave NATO, it is enough one to take that step and many will fallow.
    P. S. And you are in wrong when you think "small countries" are kept in dark regarding Ukraine situation, nevertheless, exactly in that "small countries" the situation is much better known than in big Germany, France or UK… and they are closely fallowng and analizing it…

  15. The SMO will end when Zelensky being overthrown by the Ukrainian people. The five break away oblasts will return to Ukraine but with significant autonomy. In return Ukraine will be demilitarized totally so they can never be a threat to Russia or ethnic Russians within Ukraine. Western Europe will have lost all access to the cheap energy and commodities resourses controlled by Russia while Ukraine will sign long term contracts with Russia.

  16. Personally, I think the Russians have probably decided to advance westward to the Dnieper and then it doesn't matter how many weapons NATO sends to Ukraine or if NATO puts boots on the ground.

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