How You can Fight Back against the Communist Party of China

What can you do to fight back against the Communist Party of China?

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Written by serpentza

For Motorcycle adventures around the world, and a talk-show on two wheels go to ADVChina every Monday 11am PST / 1pm EST a realistic perspective on China and world travel from an American father and a Chinese mother with two half-Chinese daughters go to Laowhy86 every Wednesday 11am PST / 1pm EST a no-nonsense on the street look at Chinese culture and beyond from China’s original YouTuber, join SerpentZA on Friday at 11am PST / 1pm EST


  1. Now it's more important than ever to understand just what a massively negative impact the Communist Party of China has on our lives, thank you to each and every one of you who watch my videos, you're incredibly awesome!
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  2. did I missed something? I remember you were making videos about culture, traveling. I really enjoyed that old content, even more it even inspired me to start traveling. what actually happened that you started making political content? I think you own us a proper explanation.
    To tell you the truth, Its difficult to watch your channel now. any chances for culture related (positive aspects, that might be interested for travelers) content anytime soon?

  3. Buy American… Or buy from another country, other than China.
    Or better yet… "Do without so much 'stuff.'"
    The colleges and universities, are under control of the Communists, be it the Confucius Institute, or radicalized staff, and students. We have seen it in many examples already.
    The ONLY experience students should be getting on college, is "EDUCATION."
    But we have seen how this radicalization, has and IS occuring, already all the way down the line to preschool.
    'So called,' teachers, are attempting to radicalize students, from the youngest more impressionable ages, right up through high school.
    "YOUR children, are being turned against YOU, your country, your government."

  4. I am a successor to my family business. Currently we politely accept the sale rep's business cards and brochures then never call them back. I also block their phone numbers.

  5. Investments are important to research do not accidentally allow bankers to take your money and invest your money in chinese backdoor stocks or any kind of Chinese companies

  6. I am involved in some pretty high level philosophic research and was surprised to see that Chinese elites love Spengler, Nietzsche, and other misunderstood "proto-fascists" as we like to call them in the West. China is stealing the fruit of western culture out from under our noses (the meaning and purpose of the west since Plato is the creation of a global European imperium, whether people have read enough to know that or not).

    I think your video last week was unfair and disingenuous – the CCP makes many valid criticisms of the West. We are surely slaves to our capitalists overlords who are once again degenerating our culture with usury and loose morals. The West was founded on manly, liberal strength that balances a knowledge of the past with ambitions for perfecting the species. Yet all we care about is sex and money and feminism. Communism is dumb, but no worse than what we got going on in the West if our freedom is used to masturbate daily and buy Nikes.

  7. LOL ! After Afganistan fall, there is Only one country which can fight with China Is INDIA.
    But west and The USA made the poor by their sanctions.

  8. The CCP releasing COVID-19 is just a test for their racial targeted virus to kill off as many none Chinese people they can. That’s soon to come in my opinion.

  9. LeBron James told the NBA he didn't think Hong Kong was a major issue. This is the same man who has a lifetime contract with China with his shoes being made in China. He is Lefraud

  10. I only ever buy from western, Japanese, and Korean companies. However, buying from those companies that manufacture in Southeast Asia, or their home countries is definitely an added bonus.

  11. FINALLY someone mentions postage. I am in the UK and I get slapped with ridiculous tax and postage when I try to buy something from our "ally" the USA, but somehow everything from China has free post and escapes the tax at customs here. WHAT IS THAT?

  12. If your a student in an university. Notice confusions institutions. They keep an egal eye on the chinese students and chinese faculty and report back to china mainland. Please do not support these the chinese language center or language partner network. It's the chinese propaganda. If you care about human rights. Ask your university head ask them if there are any programs funded by the chinese government.

  13. i also love chinese people and jay chou is my favorite chinese singer. but the ccp is garbage and they made themselves an enemy of mine with this garbage they've been spouting. i will make damn sure i don't get anything 'made in china'. also, as if jackie chans infidelity didn't cause me to lose all respect for him already, his dying support for the ccp just made him look even dumber and less than dirt to me

  14. If you can't find a non-Chinese product, buy used until you can. The CCP doesn't get a dime from you this way but you will have what you need, at least until it breaks anyway.

  15. Let's talk about human rights atrocities: Homeless people in LA, and other US cuties for example… Forced vaccines by the Biden administration …etc. let's talk about Putin in Russia, shall we? Why not?

  16. We have reached a stage where nothing can be done against the Communist Party of China.
    Only the Chinese people could do something about it but they actually seem to be going along with it.
    And if the Communist Party shows that they are taking from the rich (that is what they are showing now) the rest (95%) of the Chinese will go along with it.

  17. a general rehash of all western political propaganda on China, with a right-wing solution, boycott Chinese products, narc students/teachers from China to local government, that's not so original either.
    Did you get sponsored by the maker of the Extension Tool?
    "When I say the CPC, I mean the Chinese government, not the people" – what you proposed is like a US economical sanction that also said to target a government but in reality it is always the people who suffered for it. We seen this in all places US sanctioned. So yes, you are against the Chinese people and are punishing them for not doing what you want to do, that is to overthrow CPC. Your view matters more than theirs it seems.

  18. You don't fight the Communist Party of China because China rules the world. Serpentza you went to their country to teach, they gave you accommodations. Now grapes are sour. You cannot apply your Western values there. Keep your Western values to yourself. The government is the boss, and people do what the government tells them to do. That's the way it should be. Democracy just does not work and that's why Western nations are declining.

  19. You want to defeat China use their strength against them?
    America has grown weak and like it or not you youths are very very liberal they don't understand that freedom comes at a cost and a responsibility. Block all left wing politics, block all communist idea, and ofc get your youth in line.

  20. Communism means putting capital under government control to serve people. Otherwise, weapon industry starts wars to gain, banks seduce you into debt to enslave you. Why you as people want to fight against it, brainwashed by mainstream controlled by capital deep state.

  21. Sorry Serpentza, can't stop CCP. You know why !? Money talks, full stop. Sorry for being pessimistic, but this is how things work on this planet. Lucky me to not have children.