HRC President FIRED, Time’s Up Board RESIGNS In Fallout Over Andrew Cuomo Harassment Allegations

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss the resignation of the entire Time’s Up board, as well as the firing of Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David.

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  1. "TIMES UP" was formed by the elite. Look at the money that went into established the front organization… Suckers

    "ME TOO". BLACK LIVES MATTER. Look at the MILLIONS that setup these front organizations. RISING – you're next!! "GRIM"? Seriously?IVERSON is the only one who tries to be progressive. And she's a wood. Where did these people come from??? The system of whiteSupremacy is soo far ahead of the public. CUT THE CHECK!! B1

  2. Kinda why our legal system has “innocent until proven guilty”. The court of public opinion and slander of social media has no protections like that. The mob can do any, wreak any destruction and then get away with it. That much is shameful.

  3. Remember? Trump was hounded by media about Stormy Daniel’s allegation when he was a candidate also as a president? The Liberals don’t care about the truth they only wanted cause max damage to a conservative no matter what… even using the fake information.

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