Huffington Post Lays Off 45 People: The Rise of New Tech

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  1. True about the mask baron, but it will be people with government connections. Cali is heavy invested in PPE, which is probably a shadow reason why they won't lift all mandates. Early on in the pandemic, I would hear from entrepreneurs there that pivoted to sell PPE complaining about Cali's moves which directly competed with them. Essentially pushing them out. Hard to compete with the buying power and credit of the taxpayer.

  2. Good analysis! There are a lot of “antique/ traditional “ type companies out there who are finding the internet reality works differently than brick and mortar companies

  3. Serious question…What do people here think of the Great Reset? trying to get different points of view and see if people have different ideas on any form of financial protection. I'm a home/business owner and worked my ass off the last 30 years and really am a pissed that I now potentially have someone wanting to take it all away within the next 10 year. Maybe Styx can a video to do on this and give his opinion?

  4. There’s another repeating cycle that’s been repeating for quite a while. One tribe member foresees the possibility of more fertile land that’s abundant with life and half of the tribe members follow them, while the other half stays behind because they’re too afraid to leave behind their sense of familiarity.

  5. Why should I watch a news story on Buzz Feed, Huffington, MSNBC CNN and the rest of them. I don't get a different take. They come to the same conclusion with the exact same wording. Like they passed around a script. Why?
    I can watch Styx, Razorfist, Mr Reagan, Ben Shapiro, Tim Poole and dozens of others with slightly different takes on the same subject. But the last group has one thing in common.
    Freedom good.
    Censorship bad.

  6. LOL..I was banned from H.P in 09 during the Wall Street insurrection while on live chat for saying "I have to go to bed now because I have to go to work in the morning"..Seriously, that statement got be banned for life. If I'm lying I'm dying!

  7. Why do we need the vast majority of msm "news" or even entertainment when it's all the exact same garbage? You can change the channel from ABC to NBC to CNN and hear the exact same thing. They do not deviate from the script.

  8. To be fair, part of the surge in crypto is due to China's attempts to throttle Bitcoin to both crack down on untraceable purchases by their citizens, and to instate their own nightmarish spin on electronic currency.

  9. I'm not sure even the New York Times will last. Their newsrooms have lost a quarter of their people. Physical subscriptions are down and ad revenue is almost nonexistent. They're constantly talking about how many digital subscribers they have, but are those of the same kind and can they pay all the bills? Perhaps in a few years New York Times will be the new CNN, publishing rumor and propaganda because actual journalism costs too much money and takes too much time (not that there's a lot of actual journalism now).

  10. The MSM have done this to themselves. They lift all their bullshit from Reuters-like sites, do very little editing, so they all spin the same bullshit. They destroyed their best seller (Trump) and then wonder WTF happened? ?
    This decade needs more popcorn ?