Huffpo Runs Story About Nobel Scientist Saying COVID Was MANUFACTURED In A Lab??

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  1. It's been around for longer than they are saying also! I had this before Christmas! My nephew's temp hit 104 and he was laid out for 7 days at home. A week later my temp hit 103 (My temperature usually runs really low so 103 is insanely high for me) and I could barely drink or go to the bathroom. I didn't even move for 30 hours (when it was at it's worst). I was immobile. I'm sure that this past winter many Americans had it.

  2. Was this virus created to be a bio-weapon? Almost certainly not.
    Did it escape from the Wuhan due to negligence or incompetence? Most probably
    Once it escaped, did China use it as a weapon against the U.S. and the world? Quite possible.

    Here is my justification for the last point.
    1) China closed off all internal flights from Wuhan to the rest of China, but still allowed flights directly from Wuhan to the rest of the world.
    2) China deliberately deceived the rest of the world, telling them that it was not communicable, while buying and hoarding PPE from other nations.

  3. It is a hell of a coincidence that the lab where the virus was accidentally released from happens to be the same region where massive protests were taking place throughout the summer, although they were overshadowed by Hong Kong, it was reported on by the international press.

  4. Tim pool when are you gunna stop being stupid an learn that this whole thing has been planned for a decade or better ,of corse this is a desighned virus it has proteins that can only be oroduced in a lab ,what more do you need to know fool,stop being a tool idiot!!!!!!!! Sounds to me like your shilling for china! And thier is a reason ppl are anti vaccers because thier is evidence that is facts to back it up,why dont you do what you claim you do and RESEARCH IT!!!!!!!

    Oh and thiers no such things as coincidencs when it comes to the global stage ,if i can see it why cant you dude! Wake up thier are bad ppl in this world that dont care about ppl like you or me and would like to see us all dead and they have alot more power and influence than me or you!!!!!!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!

  5. Tim pool your a stupid fool,even if you had a document or pictures or hard evidence you wouldnt accept it you would deny the source ,thiers no help for ppl like you!

  6. Conspiracy theory was a word the CIA came up with to deflect from the truth people should watch the documentary thats on you tube called out of shadows has a Hollywood stunt man and a CIA operative.

  7. Nope. China was collecting virues (see the CCN doumentary about their own virus program Rebel news in Canada has the entire video. Google it.) and was sloppy (intelligence reports say these guys were negligent in their practices). Someone there got infected from handling wild bat viruses in the lab and spread it around. That's it. This is the result. Pure negligence and sloppy work with deadly things. Russia was nuclear fusion, China is biological.

  8. @4:06 If COVID-19 is a "Bio-Weapon" it is a very unusual one. The phrase "Bio-Weapon" is designed to create fear. Agents with names like Anthrax and SARS-virus are designed to create fear. On the other hand names like "Novel Carona-virus" and "COVID-19" are more friendly type names… Is this a stealth bio-weapon? I have always assumed the worst in regard to China, but the fact is the Wuhan lab has contact with US Universities and institutions. SARS is of interest to the experts, because it is unusual. The fact is virologists, and epidemiologists are DOCTORS OF DEATH (!!!) They are students of Death, it's their job! IMHO

  9. Half this video is you telling us just because some guy is a Nobel prize winner he isn’t correct and this is a conspiracy theory and you know better??????looooool

  10. If it’s a bio weapon, it’s the dumbest one ever invented. As many as 90 or 95 percent never even know they have it. Not a very efficient weapon.

  11. HIV DNA in SARS-02 (which causes COVID-19, D is for disease) … They made it. This code is only present in one other virus besides HIV itself. They also were lax at the lab, I think the release was a known release with a random date determined by a predictable cascading failure of containment.

  12. Hey Tim….maybe you should learn about Dr. Francis Boyle, who literally conceived of the Bio-weapons Act, who concludes that Covid-19 IS a bio-weapon before you dismiss those that are claiming it.

  13. I don't think we should dismiss conspiracy theories entirely. Sure there are ones that are pretty crazy bonkers, but there might be a grain of truth to many. Who knows, could be true, just keep it in mind but don't take it too seriously. Shouldn't be that hard.

  14. Actually read the studies about this. The science behind it seems solid… but the speculation (particularly in form of human motivations) from that science well are basically optimism/confirmation biases.

    The studies say it has markers that make it look like it was previously in bats… and bats are natural so clearly that bat couldn't have lived in the lab. And then there was the idea that if you were trying to end the world they would've started with someone that came from humans for greater virulence…. which is semi true but there are 2 major problems with that line of thinking.
    1) it assumes China is some kind of mustache twirling villain wanting to destroy the world when they were much more likely to idk be actually working on disease prevention. Extra likely given how scary SARS was over there and how this is based on the same type of virus from the same type of bat and
    2) like you yourself noted if it's too lethal and/or too fast it will actually be harder to infect as much of the world. So keeping it more novel from a different species means much less people have any kind of immunity to it AND it will take longer before anyone can or even want to react to the pandemic. I mean anyone who has played plague inc can tell you the virus the experts think someone would make to destroy the world would never win you the game unless people weren't allowed to react to it

  15. I agree with almost everything you are saying in this video. IMO that's why it's extremely important that we immediately stop over inflating and start reporting accurate COVID death totals. With the freedoms they are asking Americans to just be fine with all of a sudden giving up we need to know how bad or manufacturer this crisis really is. We have reports of the same type of shady reporting on cause of deaths is now going on just like in Italy and other places, absolutely disgusting to treat an American death like that ?

    For the government to now think it can just allow doctors to now pencil whip the cause of death. Basically taking it from a very tried and true reliable method to just "Hey they were in an area with the virus, Oh they looked at someone who had the virus…you can put that as the death cause and chuck the body with the rest of them."

    That's why the real totals are needed, the road we're currently on, where the government truly and outwardly treats citizens as just a # and a replaceable commodity is a very dangerous one.

  16. Mostt people (including you) aren't looking at the big picture here, while I'm glad the numbers are ' going down' for this wave.

    We still have to remember this only the first wave, I'm concerned about what's going to happen in the fall when the second wave hits..

    If you did your research on the Spanish Flu, which is the closest thing to Covid-19 on this scale

    You would know the Spanish Flu came in three waves

    The first wave of Spanish Flu came in spring (the exact time we're in right now).

    Then summer came summer came and the infectious rates declined.

    But when fall came there was a resurgencel, as the second wave struck the globe, experts say the second wave was the most deadliest of all three.

    Third wave came in the winter, which experts say was not as bad as the second wave but worse then the first wave.

    Experts today are warning of a resurgence in the fall.

    The point im trying to make to people who say "it's not as bad as the flu", is that we are at the very early stages of Covid-19 (effectively the first stage) so it is not fair to dismiss the possibility of Covid-19 becoming our modern day Spanish Flu.

    And we have no clue how bad it could become when this all done and finally over.

    Did you know during the first wave of the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918, they didn't take as serious either because not only we're they dealing with WW1, but they were also dealing with the measles outbreak in 1918, they had no clue how bad Spanish Flu would become until the second wave hit in in the fall.

    I'm hearing scientist and doctors warning of a second wave in the fall which is exactly when the second wave of the Spanish Flu hit.

    True we do have better knowledge and advanced technology than we didn't have in 1918, But I still think it's foolish and ignorant to dismiss the concerns of this becoming our modern day Spanish Flu.

    We haven't seen a pandemic on this scale since 102 years ago. How do you know it won't become like the Spanish Flu, especially when scientists and doctors are already warning about a second wave coming in the fall.

    Our nation and the world is being tested right now. Look at New York, they are struggling to deal Covid– 19. they don't have the amount of doctors they, they're police force is dwindling because a lot of their officers have called out sick. This virus has turned New York city into a third world.

    Think about that.

  17. "You don't want to destroy the world and your own people, you want to cripple your opponent."
    Umbrella Corporation: "Let me introduce myself."

  18. No matter if it was grown for malicious intents or simply for research purposes, either way it is more likely that it escaped from the lab unintentionally than to have grown naturally and completely unnoticed in the Wet Market…