Huge 1.4% Interest Rate Hike – Fixed rates are now up to 6.84%

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Approaching 7%.


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  1. Well we all know that the RBA didn't force them to raise their rates. Maybe the CEO wants to push more profits than they already made last year. This will not help all those with existing loans and certainly will not stop inflation.

  2. I feel bad for the young people that rushed in 2020-2022 thinking property prices will just keep increasing. The owner occupiers, not the investors. They were fckd over and ripped off, sadly many likely are new families too., and their children's quality of life has been changed forever. Paying for a property way over its actual value out of fear and FOMO. This is a property market correction, not a crash, that said it was def caused by the macro economic situation.

  3. So would anyone like to make a guess at where they will top out at?

    My guess is rates will top out at 17%

    Come back and see me in 9 years time to confirm……

  4. Is 1.4% alot? Holly Molly Batman, houses will only go to the moon right? I'm so so so glad I sold everything! Time to sit back and see the calamity and pick up houses on the cheap cheap!

  5. I enjoy you're content Florian but I am surprised you can't yet see the inevitable total destruction of the western economy being right around the corner. There is a reason why this is all happening so quickly and that is the great reset.

  6. My 27 year old nephew bought a new build house in QLD, on a postage stamp sized lot for around 1 million in 2019. He and his wife also got a loan for 1.2 million for an investment property in 2020. They must be shitting bricks right now.

  7. Builders already going bust, today a new neobank collapsed. In the USA (leads Australia by a few months) retailers discounting heavily and restaurants shutting down. Europe about to enter a self inflicted energy depression. Do we get:
    A) war
    B) depression
    C) hyperinflation with helicopter money
    D) rational monetary and fiscal policy

  8. As a first home buyer, I'm glad I stayed out of the market in 2020 when my peers were cashing in super because of FOMO. – Seems like the best move would be to buy after the reserve rate is peaked and prices have a chance to come down to reality, That way you can buy at a cheaper price and ride the interest rates down.

    IMO the RBA will continue to raise the interest rates until it hurts too much then lower them in a panic.

  9. That's what you get for being ignorant about electing career politicians by(voting in a rigged electoral system) and believing their rhetoric. Also every Australian is responsible for allowing the march of economic rationalism to continue in Australia. Sorry through your individual ignorance you have allowed criminal governments to continue and make normal backhand deals with globalised corporations. The electorate have allowed politicians to ride the gravy train for decades and to act as puppets for the International corporations. The piper is now whistling.

  10. Interest rates are only part of the picture, currency collapse is by far the bigger picture that will have devastating effects and when combined with continued increases in oil prices this will destroy almost everything.

  11. Maybe your right, its worring but the reserve bank seems to think that people have the money to absorb the hikes and no sign of a recession insight.

    I think its time for a correction but remember it will only be small and short in duration, the govenment will step in if it gets to stressed.

    Theres a money tree out the back of parliament, its called the RBA.

    Give with one hand and take with the other thats what govenments and RBAs do.

  12. Just remember 5 year fixed going so high indicates that the banks think variable rates in 3 years will be around 9% . It's a blended rate and they want more people on Variable rates . Similar to the GFC that hit the USA a decade or so ago is going to hit here , AND a BIG recession along with inflation , high Government debt , falling commodity prices ( iron ore , coal etc ) that the country depends so much on . Commercial real estate is falling over in the USA , 8 million people are facing eviction because they are a long way behind in rent . Consider this unemployment will explode in the next 12 months as businesses close , or reduce staff . Does anyone see good on the Horizon ???

  13. How the hell does my neighbour islam friend with 6 kids still able to hold on with his house and travel every year back to palestine while I struggle with no kids to hold onto m house!?!?! What am I doing wrong?

  14. How the hell does my neighbour muslim friend with 6 kids and housewife still able to hold on to his house and travel every year back to palestine while I struggle with no kids can't travel coz of work to hold onto my house!?!?! What am I doing wrong?

  15. How quickly the world turns a couple of years ago I was reading a risk assessment for the banking Industry about the effects if negative interest rates were passed on to savers and people hoarding cash and using cash instead of electronic payments a major source of income for banks. Yesterday it was reported that discretionary spending was up 10% and confidence was down 20% are people bringing forward purchases that they might not be able to buy next year ?

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