Huge 30% Inflation is Coming

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30% inflation is coming.


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  1. Hope that flu gets better, I’m still a bit worried about the jab . I remember one time I was drinking heavily and upset with god in the winter of 2019 and I threw the holy bible on the fire. It wouldn’t burn properly so I used the old Indian trick and threw some petrol on it . Flames went from the fire into the jerry can and caught fire as I was holding onto it . I raced to the door to find it locked because my partner is shit scared what mainstream media puts on tv and is dam right convinced that we would get robbed if we leave the door unlocked. I put down the jerry can as my hands and top part of can was on fire to unlock the front door. As soon as I unlock the door I threw the jerry can out the door. It was spinning on fire threw the air but when it landed the fire went out . The fear of mainstream media could of had our family burned alive. I learned a lesson there so I refuse to get vaccinated

  2. Australians “ common Russia & Putin I will have ya!!! “

    Australian government “ everyone there a headcold circulating, everyone under your beds now!”

    Australians 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

    Too weak pussbags

  3. Just watch the flood of homes for sale once interest rates rise month on month. This is the inevitable consequence of inflation above 4 percent. Home values will be dropping very shortly.

  4. Tall Poppy syndrome ??? There are still quite a few people who shop at Hardly Normal … So inflation is going to 30% plus so sales will drop by 30% so cant be all that bad … Shipping and transport costs were well and truly on the cards for a price hike …Makes you wonder if this Covid pandemic wasnt manufactured ???

  5. We have no more control over any of this everyone that will be voted in or in power will be bought. Our future has been predetermined for years and it doesn't look bright. All so people with small egos and a thirst for power can stay in control.

  6. No Heise Gerry Harvey is a piece of sh/t have you forgotten he cried to his government mates to reduce the anything over $500 pays GST on eBay and overseas purchases to anything you buy pays it

  7. It's down to the economic mismanagement on a grand scale. The government paid people to sit at home and do nothing. Totally devalued the Australian dollar. All the scams to save the economy (mortgage saver, home builder, job keeper) have caused massive inflation. Shipping prices have doubled. The price to produce a wooden pallet has just about doubled. Fuel prices already hit $2 before Russia did anything.

  8. only 30%. Wait till it goes to 500%. As i said before. Everyone is a millionaire with there properties till the bombs start falling. Then its worth ….. jack sh*t. The banks will still want there payments even if your in your bomb shelter.

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