Huge 90 basis point rate rise #housingmarket

#interestrates #mortgages #heisesays
These rate raises are really going to sting some people.


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  1. As you yourself said don't trust the RBA about cash rate stay I g till 2024 you were dead right but thisrise ure talking about is big in comparison to how much people have to borrow now to get a home when I look k back umm 69 retired after a bad workplace accident my generationhad it really good yes I reamber paying 17 percent but on a mortgage off about 20 kilometers was I NZ back then plenty of jobs and I was on good money how young couples today have it it must be hard but it's worth it

  2. Crazy to think people maybe have borrowed 800k / just crazy.
    I’m wondering what will happen to country towns where the houses didn’t sky rocket like the eastern states.
    Our investment property in alice springs was sold for 465k in 2010 just after the 09 crash.
    We bought it in 2016 for 410k – currently valued at 465k .
    We rent it for $650 so good return.
    Just makes me wonder how it will affect these type of towns where more people rent due to transit. Most people stay for a few years than leave.

  3. Rents are shooting up also, unsurprisingly, so apart from moving to interest only, maybe some will be able to take in a lodger, so long as they treat them respectfully i mean.

  4. I Don’t want to see people get into financial trouble but this was always coming…I mentioned that the bond vigilantes will be out and they have come out in force…central banks are helpless and will bludgeon the economy with higher rates to cool inflation….tough times ahead and helpfully no moral hazard

  5. I am SO glad that I have lived well below my means for the past 10 years plus. Having ZERO consumer debt and a 20K emergency fund is a pretty great place to be right now.

  6. The frugality of my partner and I over the pandemic are sure feeling nice now, we haven't had to cut much to maintain our financial position with inflation. Our all electric uninsulated home is a bit painful with monthly bills over $300 but considering we have no gas bills and my partner can work from home and I don't even have to work at all at the moment as I'm helping my partner with her severe back injury I'm not going to complain.

  7. My parents taught me to never use more than 30% of my income to pay for a mortgage or rent. I have always lived by this and I'm so happy I have.
    NEVER buy into government or corporate hype as it always turns out to be rubbish.

  8. To be clear, your talking about a fixed rate. 3,4 or 5yr…. ?? So they have to establish their model of what it may be in years to come. 6% in 4yrs May save a fortune. What happens if there is a collapse in 12 months and rates go to 11% ??? Yes everything is going up but who is smart enough to take that 6% from ANZ ??
    Personally I sold my house and invested in commodities which has increased 65%… I am now ready to buy my new house and retire (still waiting) lol

  9. Like government MR. Lowe is not responsible for his actions still in his job on the highest pay of all and will destroy more families with his actions . The lucky country finished 2 decades ago we are now on the way to own nothing and be happy by 2030 .

  10. Once I read the RBA was saying in January that no rate hikes til 2024, I went and locked my rates for 5 years @ 3%. My bank manager thought I was nuts! Now look who's laughing….

  11. Florian your in the ball, but you didn't save me. I listened to other people with similar views. they could also see the BS. I went to lock my home loan in in September last year my wife thought I was crazy. now I've got 3.99%, 5 years with state custodians. still better than the poor sucker's that still believe the reserve bank BS. WAKIE WAKIE.

  12. I do not understand why people are freaking out. The economic system has been rigged for years. The Central Banks have interfered with the natural cycle of a recessionary cycle. It was a no brainer that eventually the day of reckoning would occur because of this Central banking manipulation, of the yield curve. Ignorance my friends is now coming home to roost. You have allowed either by greed or sheer stupidity believed in the bullshit and propaganda of a fake economy. Get ready for a depression and a major collapse . Stop being ignorant and believing corrupt institutions such as Governments and the RBA. They serve the interest of the corporations.

  13. People are going to get crushed – increased costs of debt, food, energy, etc. while incomes flat-line or decline. Hard times ahead is perhaps an understatement.

  14. OZ and NZ are fu*ked. So many foreclosures are on the way. People were tapped out just getting into overpriced housing for the first time, never mind a 90 basis point increase(won't be the last either). To top it off, you guys don't even have genuine 30 year mortgages! Here in America, my 30 year mortgage is an actual 30 year mortgage. The rate was locked in and can't be increased, ever. I can CHOOSE to refi if I want, at a lower rate, but my initial rate can't be increased.

  15. I'll also add, that they want to crash the system. You will be financially ruined and thus dependent on the Govt. People who are dependent on the Govt, will vote however that Govt wants them to vote, if those people want to continue getting help.

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  17. Finally some great news, I hope the punters get burned. Maybe they will grow some brains, also can't wait for another interest hike in a week or two 🤑🤑🤑

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