Huge Beer Tax Increase – $15 Pints!

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Just what we need when inflation skyrockets! Are you ready for $15 pints of beer?


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  1. Wait a minute. Did the article say that Beer Tax will increase from 80c to 84c per pint? How does that make a pint $15.

    Close your wallet, it’s the only thing “they” understand!

  2. I can remember when a glass of beer hit a $1 it was an outrage 😜, but on a different note in this age of sensible alcohol consumption the serving sizes of beer have been super sized compared to when I reached drinking age in the 1970s the sizes ran Shetland 4fl oz 115ml, Pony 5fl oz 140 ml Glass 7 fl oz and middy 10 fl oz 285 ml this was generally the largest size unless you went to a English theme pub where a Schooner 15fl oz 425ml could be bought and the tap beers were generally less than 4% strength

  3. it sucks to be young in Australia, went out to a night market in Taiwan last night, spent about A$15 and had 2-3 hours of food, drinks and games. The place was packed with uni students having a great time.

  4. If it was about getting ppl to make healthier choices they would have made it so expensive ppl would be forced to go without, but that's not what it's about now is it.

  5. Goodbye Pubs and clubs; Hello home brew parties on the beach. Alcohol is actually easy to make; and beer is 95% water! This is just one more thing on the list you now have to make yourself if you want it. Personally I make everything myself (even meds) as most of what you buy is just expensive crap – but yeah that is my job and you do need to get rid of the mortgage first and start buying everything in bulk so it can take a while to get there but its a nice feeling never going to a supermarket – or paying thru the nose to get there…

  6. Hey I’m on that bs super pension and I’m not a boomer only 56. I was forced to contribute to it for 36 yrs not given a choice, now reaping benefits. Don’t worry the fund was closed 32 yrs ago so not many of us left. I’m also a subscriber so be nice : )

  7. We already have the most expensive cigarettes in the entire universe, now it's beer. Good way of subsidising Swiss bank accounts of corrupt Ukrainian politicians.

  8. 1 in 5 hospital beds due to alcohol related illness, alcohol related police call outs, alcohol is directly linked to physical domestic violence by both woman and men, causes ambulance to be unavailable at times and is linked to child neglect and abuse.

    Its about time that it is taxed properly so it can reduse problems in society and give the govenment more money to deal with alcohol related community issues.

    I say good job, about time, you don't want to pay tax, don't drink and brew your own.

  9. They put the smokes up so much and that drove people to the black market, maybe it's cheaper to make your own beer from brew barn, they help you brew it and all you have to do is bottle it when it's ready, they supply the bottles at extra cost and you do it all there. It is still cheaper than the shops and my hubby reckons it tastes great we had 2 kegs brewed of spiderweb for his birthday, one was only used so he bottled the rest and the good thing is no preservatives and it still lasts for awhile.

  10. We know the pollies have allowed marijuana to be legal in the ACT, what does that tell you about our pollies, yep looks like they are all drug addicts Is this the best we can do, is this the best we have?

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