HUGE! Cenk Uygur & Other Leftist HACKS Are Getting SUED By Kyle Rittenhouse! Confirmed!


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  1. The MSNBC commentary made by the bold individual reference derogatory to the "Blue Thin Line" is ignorance from the media. I am former law enforcement after 30 years of service. The Thin Blue Line flag represents the officer that have passed away while on duty, the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make. I don't understand how the media reference that to racism. Ignorance and division is what is pushed on Americans.

  2. Lefties saying on Twitter there goes our freedom of speech when they are spreading misinformation and clear malice. I’m sorry you still do have freedom of speech. But when you’re wrong you should definitely be held accountable.

  3. Kyle Rittenhouse will Go Down In HISTORY As Not Only A HERO for Setting the Standard For 2A Self Defence But For Holding The Media and Government To The Standards Of Truth Freedom and Family Values !!

  4. Kim Potter's sentence was "light" because her mistake was not reckless it was negligent..& by law negligence is not prosecutable in criminal court, but it is prosecutable in civil court which is where that case belongs & the judge knew that..😤

  5. 8:49 if you think America hates blacks then MOVE why do the Joy Reids and Colin Capernicks stay in a country that "hates" and "oppresses" them waiting for all the people to move after Trump was elected too If I had billions I would mail each and everyone of these people a one way ticket to ANY county of there choosing rip up there U.S citizenship and pay for any cost in earning citizenship in that country too.

  6. Sue EVERY SINGLE 1 OF THESE PARTISON LYING SCUMBAGS!!…. The media is broken and its now exposed for everyone to see – Get EVERY SINGLE 1 OF THES POS AZZHOLES, its ok to have a different opinion and a honest debate on a topic but in 2022 thats called HATESPEECH by these lunatics, there is no debate… SUE EVERY SINGLE 1 OF THEM INTO THE GROUND!!!!…..

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