HUGE COMEBACK! Donald Trump Now DOMINATING Joe Biden In Every Important State!


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  1. Trump "lost" in November 2015 due to, as pResident Biden stated while non-campaigning, "we have developed the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud network ever in the history of American politics". Why haven't we sought economic sanctions against China for unleashing Covid on America necessitating mail in voting only?

  2. "Do you see how many people that are mentally ill are in prison right now?" I am more concern with the thousands of mentally ill people that are free right now. And the falsely diagnosed mentally ill criminals so they can be free.

  3. E.T.’s are coming to hell to save us from the disaster that is the Biden administration the dinosaurs will fight but the horses will win. At the end of the day chocolate will flow from the chalice and the chimes will sound that’s how we will know we are just cogs in the wheel and until the moon waves back at the ocean the ocean will be sad we must stand up to the cheese and denounce our tongues for when the pickles spin we will have to give all glory to the mecha-turtles to show the way guided by the spear of darkness only light will shine thru the concrete and on that day we will know what we must do to see our k-9 friends achieve nirvana

  4. I've been around for a while and so I know that my stuff doesn't ever get just published on YouTube but I'm going to go ahead and comment anyways because this is the best news ever and I literally share all of your updates with my rapist. And what a joke Adam I actually laughed like the guy in the video kind of like a hyena.

  5. That's great. I want my President trump back in the White House but in the meantime George Soros is calling on all his pawns like Obama…you know people he made very wealthy to promote an anti America anti white agenda. The left is doing everything it can to vilify white people. We can't let that happen.

  6. Hilary would’ve won in 2016 if they had massive mail in ballots then too. She already had the algorithm rigged for extra bites. Trump won by more votes twice then it showed he got. Democrats are a sham and everyone finally sees it

  7. Yeah and he was smashing it like the Hulk in 2020 and look at the dirty tricks the left used to steal the election. Don't be shocked if it's a repeat of 2020. All your polling won't matter if they steal it again. And keep stealing it as we go on and on.

  8. Republicans won in Virginia because the elections were defortified they almost won in deep blue New Jersey but the elections there are still partially fortified

  9. I'm sorry but after they stole the election and were allowed to do so in right out in plain sight and nothing was done about it do you really think your vote counts for s*** do you really think it matters the elite put who they want in and that's all there is to it. Trump won the last election by a landslide that's not what they showed us.

  10. The working class misses you President Trump! I can't tell you how many semi truck trailers I've seen on the road with pro Trump messages. The messages written into the dusty/dirty trailer doors with workers fingers.


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  12. The ad for a petition to permanantly ban Trump from Facebook was played right before this video.
    You only hide your apponent from your voters when you are garbage and know you will lose ALL OF YOUR VOTERS if someone can actually hear enough from them to make a comparrison.
    A few of them have slipped up and said they can't win an election. AOC slipped up and said something like they couldn't win a "real election". IT is over either way. They will burn it down before they lose power, because they know we willl hold them accountable. They are going to cheat BIG, but we should make them and then HOLD AUDITS even if we win.

  13. The only problem we will have in 2024 is convincing the dead not to vote for a democrat…. or not to have any voting machines glitches that change votes over to the democrats side.

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