Huge Crowd in Melbourne! Parents march for their children among uniquely-masked onlookers.

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Melbourne, Australia. January 8th, 2022. As a mandate looms to jab the kids, Victorians once again, take to the streets of Melbourne. Onlookers perhaps had no idea they were coming, or about the mandate either.

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Musicians: Bradley Marshall (vocals and keyboard) and Paul Kaspar (vocals)

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. I loved the "hugs for free" sign. I have never stopped hugging if someone wanted a hug. I am praying for your Sweet Aussies who are awake. May you be strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might.

  2. “In reality, the biggest risk is not to the children themselves. It’s the people around them, to their parents and their grandparents,” What we already know but stated by our chief health officer. What humane society risks the future health of children to make adults more safe? since when is it the responsibility of a child to make an adult more safe? someone who has 80+ years ahead of them is supposed to enter into an unknown void where they may have any type of complications to their health in the future including a risk of not being able to have children themselves to make someone my age who has 30 years left safer?? No thank you – I don’t want any child whether it’s one of mine or not sacrificing their health to protect me from a less than 1% chance of dying from Covid

  3. omg those people running way from them!!?? They should not have access to public hospitals…what the hell??!!!.Omg this fear is worldwide!! Well those people shouldn't even be out if they are that scared!!!

  4. It is good to see Muso's singing Australian anthem songs, but where are the original Artist SELLOUTS that the Public have supported their entire careers?
    Why are they not out supporting the Public? I can promise this, a lot is going to change in this transfer of wealth and that includes a transfer of power too.

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