Huge crowds in Melbourne now

Melbourne November 20th 2021 Worldwide Rally For Freedom 5.0. Parliament to Flagstaff Gardens

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. The language and chants need to change " my body, my choice" needs to change to " government invoked genocide is punishable by death" and "sack Dan Andrews" should be "hang Dan Andrews". Same goes for the police "you work for us" should turn into " hang the traitors" or "treason means death".

  2. 450,000 out today. I spoke to people who just joined after seeing us all out there. My fave moment was when I showed my tiny placard to the police, while enhancing it with my big finger, and my cheeky grin, and they all grinned back. <3
    Oh and the bit where someone filmed my placard "I'm a Mum, hear me" with a lioness roaring and some streamer asked me to roar, but my roar was just cute and funny lol…Huge fail lol
    Good job people. We're winning <3

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