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  1. 2 sets of officers who saw nothing alarming. If they had seen even a scratch, they'd talked to her privately and taken pictures. She doesn't even have to press charges. They would have documented it all in their reports and state she didn't. I'm a survivor of DV and people like her can seriously hinder people who are victims of it. I'm furious.

  2. Has no one pointed out that she has no visible signs of physical trauma on her personal in the video or that the police didn't notice any signs of physical trauma?

  3. If you want to support independent content creator covering this case, I have a suggestion. YouTube allows viewers to decide what videos they want to see. Next to every title there are 3 dots with different options : save video, not interested, and don't recommend the channel. So if you see other videos come up from MSM channels you have a option which will let the YouTube algorithm know what you want. If enough people do this it could be important message to send to YouTube.

  4. So now her defense is arguing that they cleaned the scene in between the time at the 1st to the 2nd set of officers? and that the court should just believe them based on the fact that they now have admitted to cleaning the scene which is destroying the scene.

  5. I'm pretty certain JD is innocent. I'm also certain Amber Heard is a nutter and a habitual liar. But police smiling on an elevator after a crime scene investigation seems like a stretch in terms of what it may tell us about the scene they just visited. RCMP are on vid laughing, joking and slapping each other on the backs after beating and trampling extremely peaceful protestors up in Ottawa a month or two back.

  6. Why don't these policemen testify in the court?
    Its frustrating to know that JD is innocent yet he doesn't get justice whereas, AH just op-ed in the newspaper and JD was forced out from movies.
    Utterly ridiculous

  7. Interesting, Isaac Baruch has seen the wine one the wall. And shortly afterwards the wine disappeared. Like Heards bruises are disappearing shortly after the alleged attacks. And now we do know how they have cleaned up and have glued vases and candlesticks together, they have put Aaamica cream on it.

  8. If Depp doesn’t win this then there will be no hope for any other men that are in this situation unlike us he has the money to defend himself unlike us.
    I’m so hoping he wins and that amber gets what’s coming to her.

  9. last night I was skipping around on the 'net. I came across, initially on IMDb, a video clip from the show 'Life's too short.' In 2011 on episode 1.2, Johnny Depp appeared. (the whole show is really bizarre) There was a scene with JD, Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis. It's in an office-type setting where JD appears to get angry and upset. As he exits he kicks a trash can and then….tips over a basket of fruit on a coffee table…. It was eye-opening after watching the photos you showed the wicker basket of fruit in the penthouse…….

  10. If they cleaned up the hallway before calling the police the second time, then where is the surveillance footage of them out in the hallway cleaning up? 🤔

  11. I saw none of the damage that was described. The kind officers would be looking for and noting. Some of the damage described wouldn't be possible to clean or repair in two hours.

  12. Thank god they called the police not once but twice and thank god for this body cam footage. Must thank IO for doing this!! He really did good for Johnny.

    I can’t believe Amber tried to get the employment records of the officers and took the LAPD to court!! Still can’t believe the arrogance.

  13. Can’t wait to hear the officers testify. I thought they were going to put Johnny on the stand last – but it appears they are putting him in the middle and then the officers, Tera Roberts , forensic pathologist, IT specialist and whoever else (I can’t recall the full list).

  14. AH defence said in opening statements for the US case that the police officers use the wording they used in their report of this call as a magical way to report without having to really say anything which obviously is a crock of 💩

  15. Even if this could be used as 100% undeniable proof that JD's innocent, the "justice" system is still going to find him guilty somehow… And at this point, I'm likely to believe that they'll just say "it's because he's a male" and call it a day.

  16. Omg AH is such a liar! These tapes do not lie! Shame on her! DV is not a damn game and she lied about it! Utterly ridiculous! She keeps bringing up his alcohol and drug addiction but that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the fact that AH lied like a damn rug!!! Shame on her! She made false statements pay up!!! And good riddance to you AH! I can’t even come up with the right words for her!!

  17. So what was the point of calling the police? They didn’t even stage a scene to meet the narrative! She’s not very smart. All the 3 of them had to do was smash a few glasses. Would have taken 30 seconds to trash that place to make it believable. And she’s supposed to be an actor, but can’t even cry or get hysterical on cue to convince police officers something happened there. Instead, place is clean and tidy and she’s calm and says ‘everything is fine’. WTF!

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