HUGE! Leaked Gov Documents Destroy Official Story!

HUGE! Leaked Gov Documents Destroy Official Story!

This report explains a couple huge revelations from the United Kingdom that are obliterating the mainline narrative. We also provide you an interview with Barry Girling that gives you a big update on economic news.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. That's not completely true that MSM is not covering the protests, my mom turned on one broadcasts yesterday and they were talking about it… But they were only talking about it because of the inconvenience it was causing for traffic. 😏

  2. Americans.
    Stop talk too much blablabla b…..t!
    Do actions.
    I know your "girls" loose in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    But try. We the free World believe in you.
    If you need help to stop your evil system, we the other people in the World, will be more than happy to invade your country ( as you did with others ).
    …SHUT A F..K UP !

  3. the first mistake everyone's making is thinking that biden cares about people…the second is believing that a virus with over 98% recovery needs a vaxxine…and the third is believing that what's going on is about anyone's health…

  4. Death camp's sounds like re-education camp's. They know that we're not stupid and know we don't trust the blank. So how they going to re-education the unwilling strong ones 🤔. Remember Hitler was a Mason too..they will torture us. I wish I nvr had children to live in this hell on earth. I love you all.

  5. People are dying from injections. I know of two in my friends circle. 13 others are mildly to severely injured. I don’t need data beyond that. A mandate to be sickened or die. This is criminal. Crimes against humanity itself.

  6. Why and why they're trying to force people who've had Covid19 and have higher antibodies than people who have had three shots of wacksines!!!

    Some scientists agree people who have had Covid19 don't need wacksines, but why the extreme scientists who work and advise governments want to enforce wacksines at any costs even firing people from their jobs?!
    Well it seems big pharma is paying these extreme scientists lots of money, and even politicians have been bought and it seems politicians either bought big pharma shares, or big pharma gifted free shares to corrupt politicians!!

  7. Israel has the highest compliance around 95% and now horrendous problems even their youths suffering with heart problems on a massive scale and many deaths already. We are not allowed to expose the truth anymoew

  8. Bank bailouts are now being called climate change,,, Janet yellen saying the same as Davos did in 2015 wanting 100 plus trillion dollars for bailouts worldwide for climate change…….. Never stop printing until all currency is 0 then its digital money time

  9. economics 101: the more money they create from thin air, the more becomes available to the common man, the freer common man would become, he would be released from the burden of working so many hours to buy the essentials he needs.
    this is where inflation comes in, it is designed to suck that excess money right out of your hands to keep you chained to the hamster wheel, keep you scratching at the dirt to make ends meet.

    inflation is theft of the value of the money in your pocket, inflation goes up, the amount you can buy with the money in your pocket goes down.

    'taxes to pay back the debt on that which we created out of thin air'

  10. Notice how so many bad things are going on yet the satanic government stays with one thing VAX people fallen angel DNA is in the concoction so be wise and don't take it no matter how hard they make life

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