HUGE Legal Victory For Patriots In Texas!! Keeping SEETHING Leftoids!!


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  1. This is what is so obnoxious about the left.
    They have thrown fits over the idea that "corporations are people and have right", argued by some establishment conservative. But when it serves their interests they get behind the idea that corporations have First Amendment right, and censorship is a free speech right.

    Nothing is ground up from principles. Everything is top down, and relative. Their attitude over political violence is even more odious.

  2. Eh I personally don't believe the first amendment applies to online. Its a world wide public domain which means its not under any one government. It really is up to the host to decide what rights and terms they wanna set. That being said you have the right to use a different platform and the US could pass laws that make US operating sites must respect US rights. How ever that doesn't actually exist, yet.

  3. NO ONE is obligated to listen, but EVERYONE is allowed to talk. Say whatever you want, I don't have to listen, but I WILL SAY whatever the heck I want.

  4. Great to hear you mention items that can not be spoken of. Isn't not speaking about these things causing harm? Where are the studies to show if any of these restrictions are effective? Come on, man, even former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said not reporting or allowing discussion of Hunter's laptop was a mistake. Anyhow, Biden and crew get to say anything they want without backup or honest, no partisan fact-checking. Over and over again, they are allowed to state anything and walk away, never explaining themselves, or KJP looks through a binder as she bovates some word salad that makes no sense. This is a good step in the right direction, but I must question why haven't GOP leaders pushed what is obvious regarding this topic? Most of them are lawyers and should understand the 1st Amendment and how censoring speech on any platform that is considered a town hall is wrong. All of these social media platforms have evolved beyond the right to use Section 230 as protection.

  5. I was kicked off you tube for over a year because I simply asked "what's in the shot" thanks to the LOOSERS in Washington DC not ever stepping up and doing there jobs to protect the constitution

  6. Regarding Covid, Big Tech could have convincingly made the argument that they needed to ban tin foil wearing hat nut jobs selling snake oil as a cure. But that's not what they did. They were banning board certified doctors, experts in their fields, who just happened to have an opinion, supported by actual research, that went against the narrative.

  7. I just want social media to make up their mind. If they want to ban and censor, they're publishers and need to own up to the responsibilities and forfeit the protections of platforms. If they're public platforms, they have zero right to censor a goddamn thing. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too and that shit has to stop. It's one way or the other, not both.

  8. Trump's first Attorney General Sessions recused himself because he talked to a Russian diplomat. Thus empowering Rothstein of the Justice Dept. to start the Special Prosecuter Mueller and Mueller's FBI minions to do the Russian hoax. Sessions should have resigned immediately. The President deserves a unencumbered AG. Not a career government man like Rothstein who stabbed Trump in the back. The Special Prosecutor wouldn''t have been activated. The AG of Texas would make a Great AG.

  9. I am all for free speech but I think society would be better off without social media, period. I may be the odd man out with that view but I grew up in the 80's and 90's where none of that crap existed. I also don't use social media at all.

  10. The major problem is you got these Indian CEOs do not believe in our Constitution of this country and you’re pulling this bullshit that is some far left liberal who it’s OK for me to speak but not for you

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