HUGE Loss for the Far Left as DA Chesa Boudin Recalled in San Francisco

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  1. DEBATE ME YOU PIECE SHIT… Boudin is a Democrat… Democrats are right wingers… every Democrat in congress voted for the UKraine, Syria, Libya wars… Democrats voted to Bailout the Banks and GM… Democrats just prevented a Medicare for all bills… which 62% of Americans support… you have no idea what your talking about… Neoliberals are NOT left… Millionaires pay on 15% of taxes in California after deduction… no one cares about nominal taxes, it's about the effective tax rate you moron.

  2. Talk about the NYT making an article where they're claiming "The CDC changing their info on Monkey Pox so it is classified as airborne now."

  3. My brother is a small business owner in San Francisco as well as living in San Francisco. His business gets vandalized all the time. He's over it. He's making other investments elsewhere to hopefully get away from there. In the meantime, I believe his leftists politics are starting to make a shift. This is good news.

  4. they now have a name for it;
    yet anyone paying attention
    know it is causes by the vaccine
    and its consequences known for more than a year
    in many states Police are responding to
    less calls because gasoline is so expensive…
    Now, who was it that killed Keystone, was it
    Putin or Biden?…that back off on non essential
    visit is happening in my town, so it is real

  5. It'll be rigged, but vote anyway. Make the bastards squirm and make it blatant that they cheated. At some point, the pressure cooker is gonna blow.

  6. I live in SF and there are a vast majority of asians where I live. They seem to be very conservative. We recently had a recall of the city’s crazy progressive School board where children where kept home during Covid and officials spent their effort and budget on renaming the schools after more “diverse” people. It is not surprising to me that Chesa was recalled and I hope this trend to oust the far left extremists in SF continues.

  7. What ta hell is a Chesa Boudin? Oh i see the son of Kathy Boudin. Communist organizer from a “prominent progressive family” in NYC. Member of the Black Panthers the more violent Weather Underground. Participant in the Brinks Truck robbery that killed a security guard and two police officers. Her son reflecting on her recent death on May 1st thought it particular poignant that his mother died on May day.

  8. I grew up in San Francisco in the early 80s and it has always been idealized in my memories, as I think it was definitely a wonderful place to live back then. I’ve read the stories of its decline with great sadness, and long for the day it recovers from this madness. I would love to visit it again, but I fear I would be very disillusioned if I returned now.

  9. But Soros and Co are already on to the next scam. They're 5 steps ahead and we play catch up. We need to go on offensive and stop counting these simple corrections as major victories.

  10. Mr. Hexenhammer…uh, Mr. StyxHex, no, wait, Mr. Hammer 666…..hmmm…. Dude, I think you're being errant when calling these DA types 'progressive', they are merely old-school 'bleeding hearts'. I'm a progressive, and I want these clowns out as much as anyone. I want health care as a human right, a minimum wage that allows one to exist in moderate comfort and security for 40 hours a week labor, a non-corrupt government & legal system. I don't desire to see our Marines mincing around in camo sundresses. I'm speaking only for myself here. Bleeding heart types are just that, they're not 'progressives'. All these looney types get labelled 'progs' to demean and defuse us, like 'conspiracy theorist' demeans many valid claims. Please call these types bleeding hearts from now on, not progs. AOC and 'the squad' aren't progs anymore, they were when they went in, but sold out into mere sht-libs. Anyway, been watching you for years and respect your opinions, but felt I must speak up on this topic!

  11. Oh please, if someone wants to drive prices down, they send in criminals. If someone wants Amazon to shine, they bankrupt small business owners and make them sell their shops to corporate businesses. Stick to reality, not the illusion of leftist failures because it ain't one.

  12. Yay! Got rid of a psycho… for a couple months. Until the next election. Tell me something, folks- Who's done more horrific damage to CA, the now former D.A, who wouldn't stop people crapping on the sidewalks, and let drug addicts/criminals flood the city?

    Or Gavin Newsom, who's lit the state on fire, quite literally, and is responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths- and is looking at a clean-sweep to re-election?

    I wish people would stop with the f'ing "Pill" BS. It's misleading people into false hopes- you're looking at tiny, atm, meaningless victories, UNLESS they are replaced by a NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

    And as of right now? We have ZERO evidence of this. They APPEAR to be wins, nothing more atm.

    I KNOW these people- been warning of all this for over 40 years. None have listened.

    One last question- What do y'all believe is going to happen to America, when we LOSE in November? What? You think it's a lock? Maybe you should listen to those on "Our Side" a little closer. They will NEVER leave "IF" out of their language. I know, I know, y'all will say they "have to". BS. If a REAL "Red Wave" was imminent? They NEVER would. Their EGOS are too damn big- they'd HAVE to be able to say, "I told you this was gonna happen!!". It's who they are now.

    I'm telling you DANGER, REAL, EXTREME DANGER, is in store for America, come November. Because I KNOW these people.

    Ok, I lied- one last question- Do you see the Weaponized Progressives (WPs), CHANGING COURSE ON ANYTHING? Or are they only adding MORE & MORE INSANITY, things that will supposedly KILL their chances in November? They're damn near out of time to do so, maybe a month left.

    Me? I don't think they'll change course now on a damn thing. Why should they? A month is really not enough time anyway. You think they're just STUPID? They hold ALL THE POWER IN AMERICA. PERIOD. And what? you think they're gonna just give that up, when, if they do, and the TRUTH get's out, if "we win", and the media is FORCED into TRUTH, then people LEARN IT?

    They'd never win another election again. You think they don't know this?

    Damn, lot more than "One last question".. sorry. Too lazy atm to go back & change that.

  13. The biggest problem with liberal cancer is it spreads. I am in Canada. The housing market was so screwed up in the major cities that they could sell and move to the smaller cities and towns and buy up 2 or 3 houses with cash. Now the whole country is screwed and unafordable. Throw in the low teens interest rates that moron sockboy and sleepy joe are pushing and the whole thing will collapse.

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