Huge Losses For Evergrande’s Lenders – Liquidity Crisis

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Evergrande investors are facing huge losses.


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  1. When China sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. This is just the start of a catastrophe in the property market due to the debt binging that has been going on last 30 years!

  2. The ccp spend billions a year on defense they could spend less billions and bail out that mob and still be in front ,Letting collapse will start a domino effect in china.interesting times ahead.

  3. Students of History and the economics of warfare are very familiar with China 'sinking the treasure fleet' . Expect to see the CCP slaughter the oligarch class once they are no longer useful.

  4. my understanding is that Australia pensions are heavily waited in Evergrande investments….if so, Australia has huge exposure, and it's a ticking time bomb.

  5. I'm a professional investor and I know exactly what will happen, but only if this happens or that happens unless the other thing happens first OR last depending on this or that . I'm sitting at home drinking beer and tooting my own economic horn how good I am 🍻havnt made a penny yet but I have potential profits if I can correctly hedge against this quagflation, my latest scheme is to stockpile barrels of gasoline in my basement when the price is low pure genius I am. Cant even beat myself wow ,I just cant get over myself . Nobody on my entire block has done this . You just have to search for deals like finding hay In a needle stack

  6. Bye, bye Western Australia property prices!
    Goodbye black money from mainland China.
    Hello mad destruction in China.
    – world sinks further into economic mess, brought on by stupid socialist politicians, clownish public servants, ridiculous laws and the crushing of the working class by greedy socialists and communists.

  7. Many people in Asia are already withdrawing their deposits from Chinese banks in their countries. Just in case these Chinese banks are instructed or forced by their government to lend some more to evergrande and the thousands of evergrande suppliers .

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