HUGE NEWS from Mike Lindell’s Eléctiøn Fⓡåⱴƌ Cyber Symposium Day 2 | Breakdown | Huckabee

HUGE NEWS from Mike Lindell’s election fraud Cyber Symposium Day 2. Mike Huckabee gives the full BREAKDOWN now! Don’t miss it!
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Written by Huckabee


  1. So they "accidentally" wipe info, they refuse to hand over requested items, they do EVERYTHING to keep investigators from doing their jobs, and what will be done to these people that refuse to comply? Nothing. It's the same old, same old as always. I'll start getting interested when people start actually getting arrested, AND getting sent to jail to serve hard time, not sent to some swank political club med for the weekend.

  2. yeah, well a TN democrat's wife was just arrested for voter fraud & registration fraud, perjury…and now the whistle blower in Detroit. They cheated!!

  3. Never forget where Dominion started and what happened to that country !!!! All government's world wide are SO CORRUPT and the sad part is they are getting away with this TREASON !!!

  4. How much longer are American citizens going to have to tolerate election fraud actions from the liberal left!
    This lying and dishonest administration will be held accountable! Lets get tough on these clowns!
    Help us God!

  5. Biden and Harris did not win the election they stole the election from the people and will pay for what they've done you think antifa fcked over Portland wait and see what Patriots do to Washington after the fraud is exposed we the people need lots of proof before we act

  6. To try to guarantee there's "Nothing To See Here" Dominion will pay the legal fees for democrat run counties that refuse to comply with subpoenas to turn over election data. Yeah, everything was run on the up & up!

  7. Why don't they have a security seal on all the voting machines, before any voting can be done, if the seal Is broken, the machine must be counted with a " jury"..

  8. Funny how they will go through extreme measures to investigate anyone questioning them but not to insure that our elections have maintained integrity?