HUGE: Now The MELTDOWN Is Imminent…

HUGE: Now The MELTDOWN Is Imminent…

This report explains the truth you’re not getting in the news about what is now happening.

The shirts –

Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. The NY Health Commissioner admitted she lied to instill more fear to increase more experimental injections into innocent children? Admitted this?

  2. IF Biden is going overseas to our enemies to SUCK UP/ OFF TO GET OIL FROM OUR ENEMIES he probably will take KAMALA “deep throat” HARRIS along with him because as we all know that’s how Sucked up to the POLITICAL game and every time we listen to her speak WE KNOW her mouth MUST BE BETTER SUITED FOR other things!

    We are fucked unless we stand up and say enough of this bullshit and SIT these people on their ass!!

  3. Why aren't there more people demanding the gov to do research into Nikola Tesla's work!(wardenclyffe Tower) Nikola wanted free energy for the World. There's actually ion's in our atmosphere that can be harvested and used as electricity! There hiding more then you think, the pyramids are made of electrical conductive materials and used to have a golden cap stone

  4. How is it we know about this trade when this family has been banking for many…many…years engaging in these activities? Who told? Why? Really. How and why is this being allowed to emerge? What is going on here?

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