HUGE! Republicans OUTPACE Democrats By 100,000+ In Voter Registration Race Ahead Of 2022!!


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  1. Walk carefully, Republicans. As Hillary Clinton has proved time and time again, the Democrats will do absolutely anything to win, regardless of the cost to the nation!

  2. Well Trump was a sure thing for the 2020. Then China released the plague. The DimWits "adjusted" every law they could, because of the plague. Poll workers keep finding box after box after box of Bidumb only ballots. Ship loads of prefilled ballots showed up from China. Ballot harvesters crawled out from every rock with Bidumb only ballots. Election algorithms keep showing Trump votes going negative. Only Dimwits were allowed to participate in all phases of the voter count process because of the plague. And all this while the press told the public Trump was a spy and Bidumb was the cure.
    If all that stays the same the DimWits could get their drug addicted office pet rock elected in 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036… And never let it leave mommies basement just like sack of $#!t child fondler Joe did.

  3. With what the Republicans have become, I don't trust them. Why? We've seen capitulation to draconian covid measures and ludicrous gun legislature signed into law. I know they're not all like that but I'm always cautious with establishment players

  4. The DemoRATS are going to do everything, every dirty trick they used to install Beijing Biden: Ballot harvesting, rigging voting machines, blocking poll watchers, etc. It's going to get really ugly. They will pull out all the stops to keep from going to prison.

  5. Rude awakening if we can be sure that the cheating, stealing and voting polls demon machines are not involved. Cause that again will be the ONLY way that win anything.

  6. The Democrats committed the biggest fumble ever 😂😂😭 How the hell do you demonize Trump for 4 years and then the new guy Brandon has a lower approval rating in record time, with way more favorable coverage 🥶😂😂 Dems have nothing positive to run on so they will just try and destroy Republican credibility and reputation. Hopefully the Republicans do not fumble and kowtow to the woke left (which some are doing 🤷🏾‍♂️) on their BS opinions that they can never really defend without calling someone a name to deflect or canceling them 😂

  7. Really wish someone would take a look or analyze Dwayne Johnson, yet “The Rock” throwing his name in the mix. He is literally the only one who has a shot against Trump

  8. He doesn’t think anyone can beat Trump but him because no one else in the galaxy has ever been so successful at cheating an election. Hugo Chavez would be proud. Not to give credit where it’s not due, though, Joe didn’t win; his overlords did it for him.

  9. How the hell are these ppl still in office? Biden is working with Soros & so is the rest of them with their inside trading….NO Nancy there is NO inside trading allowed, that's common sense! How did we let this happen?? We lost DJT & we do not deserve him back…. but, Elon Yes there is a God & he is giving us back our President so America don't f this up, please😉

  10. if i was American i would vote for Donald Trump in the next election, he is 100% better then the clown Trudeau we are stuck with in Canada ( down with the dictator black faced Trudeau )

  11. The Dems almost totally lost the black vote, which has been their major voting bloc and foundation for decades. They know the Republicans not doing nothing for them but it took a lot of outreach from black folks who know the truth about the left to get them out of that mindset. Biden is an old fool and Im def not voting Trump in 2024, the dude is a clown. I think I’ll sit this one out unless Desantis runs.

  12. Well last time he won from his basement and 6ft social distancing so imagine if he actually hit the campaign trail. I mean he is the most popular president ever with the most votes ever. Why would he not think he could win?

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