HUGE! Rogan Just Blew The Lid Off The Official Story!

HUGE! Rogan Just Blew The Lid Off The Official Story!

This video breaks down the huge move made by Joe Rogan and the insane establishment reaction.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. 5M views now! The clip is #5 in my recommends on the side… (I'm on a laptop and have my own acct, so YT algorithms seem to not block quite as much as it may on your smartphone or by merely going to YT without logging in. ALso, as they say, hit subscribe and "smash" that bell button…)

  2. Also… an unfortunately liberal friend of mine whom I'd been friends with since 2008, deleted and blocked me on Fb saying I was "harassing" her by sharing links to videos about the HealLight and articles about the effectiveness of that… ColQuinine or whatever it was called… She'd be SO BRAINWASHED by the media that the mere mention of alternative treatment methods scared her for some reason. These ppl are out of their minds! She was probably the last liberal friend I had on page, covid FEAR wiped out the rest, it was the final straw- they all deleted me in disgust b/c I talked about possible treatments that the Bad Orange Man talked about…

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