HUGE SHIFT. Athletes & Organizations CHANGE STANCE On Trans Athletes In Female Sports.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


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  1. Best way to beat them is for real bio-females to REFUSE to compete in anything that allows fake females to compete against real bio-females. I am sure that there would be plenty of groups and individuals willing to provide equivalent or more, prize money to these real bio-females who refuse.

  2. They should play according to their DNA or other trans athletes only, but not men pretending to be women. DNA stands in court and should in sports too.

  3. You know how we feel when we look back on Al Jolson and other minstrel show actors? That’s exactly the way history is gonna remember these people. Just because it’s supported by popular culture it doesn’t make it any less grotesque. After all black face was widely supported by pop-culture and even considered progressive for the time.

  4. Ummm, here's a thought Liberal Hivemind and I mean this with all due respect. Why should I even care? Was it not feminist demagogues that made all of this crap happen in the first place? Telling us men that we were just transphobes for saying sexual dimorphism is a thing and that men and women have physical differences and this has been proven scientifically? Why should I stand up for the same people who think I am a terrible person just for existing?

    No, if you want to go ahead and champion fairness for women in sports or where ever else, I am not going to stop you. I tried. I refuse to give up any more of my sanity to these people who basically stabbed themselves with a metaphorical knife and are now asking me for help because I told them doing that very thing was a bad idea.

    And also these women are once again on the whole "Men are to blame" kick as always, when women were the ones who let trans women into sports in the first place. Yes, it's men's fault, it's never women's fault.

  5. Best way to go is just have a trans category, not an open category. If you identify as trans, doesn't matter if you're m-f or f-m, that's where you compete, end of discussion. Creates a level playing field for the athletes and no one can bitch cuz everyone competing is on drugs. If you're not taking hormones for at least 2 yrs (not 1, that's a fucking joke) you have to compete in your birth gender category and deal with it like an actual fucking adult.

  6. I think if you choose to medically "transition" you also make a choice with sports. Either be a man and suffer some slight reduction of strength in men's sports, be female and participate in men's sports (because now you're jacked on testosterone), enter a league that doesn't exist yet, or just don't play. If I choose a same sex-relationship I also have to accept that I can't have children with that woman, no matter what level of medical hocus pocus you use, at the end of the day I also have to consider if I want children or what is more important to me.

    If you've been on hormones since you were really little, God forbid, and you're "identifying" as female and your body really isn't comparable to another male's in development, that's more of a grey area but I would still say, play in men's until there is more information. If you don't want to do that for any reason, too bad. Your parents ruined you with their virtue-signaling self-aggrandizing choices but other people can't be made to cower to this and parents' shouldn't be putting their kids on hormones and in dresses expecting to get everything they want in society on this issue.

  7. Look at the "Women" statistic. Almost half of them agree with this ludicrous bullsh*t and you wonder whose fault it is that this nonsense got as far as it did? They need to own this and the only people who can change it are the women themselves once they own up to their stupidity. They were warned what would happen but ignored the conservative voices and here we are. Not an ounce of sympathy from me…suck it up cupcakes!

  8. If you're a man, you have the right to call yourself anything you want to. You also have the right to mutilate your body however you wish. Neither of these things will make you a female. You will always be the gender you were at the moment of conception. There is no way to change that.

  9. Yes a open gender is the answer. Why? A girl, who is transitioning to male, is receiving more of a PED advantage than Mark McGwire received. It would essentially be the same as a transgendered woman competing against women. It’s not fair. Also beside being deprived of victories and other metals, how many women are loosing scholarships to transgendered women?

  10. What are the political leanings of these aggrieved female athletes? Are these girls Biden voting democrats? If so, then FUCK ‘EM !!! They helped create the present social dystopia. You made your bed, now lay in it.

  11. I'm almost 40 and I'm dating girls in there early 20s an 18 19 year old, cuz I feel that age.. my nineteen-year-old girlfriend has already had a baby and she's not considering it a baby she's calling him a theybe. I'm 225 in 62. Watch out girls if you identify as,my theybe they is coming for all your 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 😆 🤣

  12. Has anyone seen a Trans women Now claiming to be a man participating in Mens competitive sports? Or is this solely a male to female issue? Genuine question, not trolling

  13. The Rules are for Female Athletes not transgendered Female athletes ! All athletes should have to compete with the Gender they were born with and not the one they chose ! Because Transgender Females are not True Females ! And they have no business in Women’s Bathrooms or completing in Women’s Sports ! And Only The Stupidest Communist People Want Men to compete as Women ! There is no such Thing as a Man being anything other than what they were Born As ! Male Or Female ! Give me one good reason Why the Entire World Should bend out of shape for a Stinking Lie ? Being told by the Communist Left ? I say To all So Called , Transgender Men And Women ! Heck Off Commies !

  14. More women need to stand up for themselves. As a man if asked to stand with them tell me when and where!
    And let the trans have their own comp. Then lets see how out of kilter all of this is when there is only one competitor,,,,,,, maybe two.

  15. Transgender ppl don’t realise the democrats are the enemy of transgender ppl. The democrats have just made them the avenue to express the democrat and socialist agenda. They are cannon fodder for the socialist. It’s the same here in Australia but we call the socialist and Democrats our Labor Party and Green Party. They weaponise minority groups to be the cannon fodder of their ideology. I personally don’t care if you are transgender as a right wing person. But don’t expect me to kowtow because you are LGBTQI+. You put your pants on one leg at a time like me. I’m a red head with skin that burns by moonlight, in Australia, I know what it’s like to be teased and harassed and bullied. Toughen the hell up.

  16. Doing/liking certain things society expects of a man / woman doesn't mean you must be that thing. You can just be yourself regardless of sex / gender.

    My sex is male and I have no gender identity, the perception of who you are doesn't need to be labeled and put into a category, you are just you and the sex you are is a constant fact seperate from that.

    Gender is a bunch of make believe (by their own admission), pointless special clubs

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