HUGE! The Massive Uprising In Australia Is Finally Happening!

HUGE! The Massive Uprising In Australia Is Finally Happening!

This report explains the truth you’re not getting in the news about the uprising now happening in Australia.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. So it is about money to the pigs. So they are selling out their families and friends for a paycheck? So when you and your kids all die or get severe side effects what will you think about your job and paycheck?

  2. If i had been in the exchange with that cop i would have said. "Keep in mind that the job you don't really want to do is directly creating a world you, your family, friends, and grandchildren don't want to live in." Put the ball in their court, and just leave them to think about it.

  3. GO AUSTRALIA!!! THE WORLD IS WATCHING! construction workers should start busting up these people houses and the places that enforce vaccines and see how quick they'll need to start up construction.

  4. It’s really heartbreaking that the Australians turned in all their hardware! I honestly think things would be slightly different there if that never happened. Great video brother. Thank you always for your time!!

  5. How can Americans help Australia? Anyway we can "go fund me" abunch of arms to them? I mean if we can hook up the Taliban, I think our Aussie brothers should be gifted abunch of apaches and m249s. There's an opressive regime ruling over people who are thirsty for 🗽

  6. That’s what happens when you disarm. The government can do anything with impunity knowing the people are helpless.
    If Americans allow disarmament the government will go full tyrant.

  7. What else would he do if he was getting paid to do it? If he was getting paid to shoot civilians would he do it? When somebody tells you they're only oppressing you because they're getting paid to do it it means they have no morals and they will do anything they get paid to do.