Huge Trouble Brewing For Joe Rogan! Spotify Employees To STRIKE Over His Show!

The Spotify staff are now threatening to strike if they are not allowed to censor Joe Rogan. This thing is getting out of control!


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  1. Fire them and replace them with people who's brains haven't gone AFK. I guarantee there's thousands of people overqualified and chomping at the bit to take a cushy tech job.

  2. If Spotify was smart, they'd make a grand announcement of Alex Jones 3 in conjunction with the release of all the held back episodes. Spotify stock would rally, tons of new subscriptions would come in. Isn't that the point of running a business Spotify? I can guarantee genuflecting to deranged leftists is not a winning business model.

  3. So obsessed with dull unimportant things. Why do people follow/listen to this tedious stuff? Is this an entertainment channel or a lame politics channel? I really interested to know.

  4. Here is a BIG issue. If the strikers win, that means censorship will always win and SJW's will continue to do worse (Give them an inch and they will take a nation) If Joe gives in, then he loses a lot of credibility and his audience. They ONLY way to win is to NOT GIVE in to the strikers. They HAVE to lose so A, Joe is still Joe. B, Spotify does not lose million in their investment.

  5. Joe Rogan is an entertainer. Why would he have to issue corrections? He is not someone that should be looked too for moral or ethical guidance on any issue. I watch this channel because it has entertainment value not to alter or get information on world views. it is entertainment and that is all. Take the money and run.

  6. Those employees are going to cost Spotify a fuckton of money when they loose. He seemed fairly confident that his contract was for his show and his personality, not a tone-deaf, censored, virtue signal laden commercial for other spotify services. Spotify signed rogan because he has an audience. That core audience is fickle and does not accept bullshit just because it came from Joe. Just look at the response to the pre-spotify interview with Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) after the audience correlated the softball attitude how took with the fact that the Dorsey-owned Cash App was fully sponsoring the podcast at the time. His audience will leave him if he doesn't openly shit on the social justice warriors undermining a major investment property.
    Deep cut hot take: everyone at spotify needed the audience from Rogan's podcast to save their jobs since spotify looses money hand over fist. A bunch of assholes decided that contracting rogan would be the best way to silence him, and waited for the deal to go through before they could raise a stink.
    Just watch. His ratings and revenue will drop so hard, Spotify will question whether they should get rid of Rogan or stop catering to a bunch of whiney children who've been coached their whole lives to find offense everywhere they look. It's always easier to destroy something than to create anything. Not one of those crybabies has ever built anything but a resume working for tech companies in a scramble to virtue signal before the mobs burned them down. Turns out the offence mobs are a one trick pony and what little they can do is 100% criminal. "politically correct" collective victim culture was corrupt in the 80's, it was corrupt in the 90's, it's been corrupt for the last two decades, and it will continue to be corrupt until it is stopped by a culture of independence, self reliance, rationality, and achievement.

  7. Spotify, go ahead and let them all leave. When you strike you are not showing up for work, in which case your employment can be terminated. Now with all of them fired, There's plenty of people who would be willing to work for those salaries and not be a thorn in your ass. Remind them that they are expendable.

  8. I find this “Funny” because my job does a TON of things I don’t like, and you know what would happen if I told them I didn’t like it and it should totally be changed? ? I wouldn’t he here for starters and would be looking for a new job, but THESE guys? You FIRE the hell out of them and get people who would GLADY do the job they are hired to do, plain and simple! I am more than sure you could find people to do said job with the pay they are making! I am shocked how this is even an thing! I didn’t understand when this was a thing with Patreon! Do your job or look for another one!

  9. Im sure spotify can find some new employees in Calcutta that would be happy to work with whatever content providers they choose and the cost savings could pay for Joes deal.

  10. CONSPIRACY THEORY – no evidence for this just a wild theory.

    Joe Rogan is red pilling too many people.

    Sorros and his homeboys realise they can't censor him on youtube.
    They decide they'll buy the biggest podcast in the world.
    They pretend it's a grassroots movement by staff.
    The CEO pretends to be on Joe's side.

    Boom they take down the podcast or it continues on by being their bitch.

  11. Anyone else brought their politics into the office would be fired on the spot. We have given these clowns too much freedom. Fire them and get people who will actually DO the job they were hired for.

  12. The funny part is Joe is not a transphobe or a bigot of any kind. These people have gone quite mad in their echo chambers. Fire them all, I highly doubt any of are irreplaceable in the slightest.

  13. What frustrates me is it seems like the people that get offended by Joe when he says something considered "offensive" or gets accused of spreading misinformation never watched more than one episode of his podcast. The guy's not a news anchor, he's not a journalist….he's a comedian/UFC commentator having conversations with random people. He's stated multiple times on multiple episodes that half the time he doesn't know what he's talking about or he's just talking out of his ass. Isn't that kinda what a conversation is? Shooting the shit? Sure if he makes a mistake or whatever it's fine to correct it, but it's not his job to be delivering the news to people. He's just trying to entertain people by getting interesting discussions going like you're having a cold one with the boys. It'd be like if I got pissed off at a let's player because he said there's 9 planets instead of 8 or whatever. The guy/gal is a let's player not an astronomer. Besides the actual news spreads more misinformation and opinion pieces than Joe himself does.

  14. I canceled it while watching this video. Gave my opinion that they should consider sticking to what they do best and not complain about peoples views and opinions. Spotify recommendation: Unlikely.