HUGE! What’s Really Happening In Ukraine…

HUGE! What’s Really Happening In Ukraine…

This video gives you the truth you’re not getting in the news about what’s really happening in Ukraine.

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  1. The only thing that can save any country from Democratic Tyrants is the military. If Canadian Military is with the people Trudeau will be dealt with.
    If the military stands with the Tyrant, then the country for its people is doomed.
    Canadian people shouldnt seek support from outside its country, they should seek it from inside. The Military.

  2. Really sad to see so much video from my country the Netherlands in the intro I've been at most of the protest and the police have lost there humanity so much people where hurt

  3. Luke, no one elected officials in Donbas and Luhansk so called republics. You don’t understand, Russia just put their people to rule that regions, they have russian passports. People in these regions were not even asked what they want. And it’s not a language problem, I am telling you this as Ukrainian citizen from eastern Ukraine who speaks mainly Russian. I am sorry, but you are terribly informed about this issue.

  4. The governments are the ones behind the most pollution, every rocket they send into space. All the nuclear bombs they set off, and all the black smoke from all the other bombs and rockets they use in warfare. Their pollution caused by warfare does far more damage to the environment than the average everyday person

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