Humane: How Obama sanitized war and killed the US anti-war movement

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In his new book “Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War,” scholar Samuel Moyn argues that post-9/11 efforts to reform the conduct of US military operations have ultimately sanitized and prolonged the underlying illegal warfare.

Moyn discusses the Obama administration’s key role in sanitizing warfare and how it undermined the US anti-war movement. He also addresses criticism of how the legendary human rights attorney Michael Ratner factors into his book’s arguments.

Guest: Samuel Moyn. Professor at Yale Law School and a professor of history at Yale University. His new book is “Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War.”

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  1. "Gave us Libya, "Gave us Syria"… What the he'll does that mean; those countries like Iraq were sovereign nations that the United States has no right to. That's war for empire. There was no reason for us to go to war in Afghanistan in the first place. Financial pressure on Afganistan and Saudi Arabia was the way to go forcing them to take care of the Taliban for us.

  2. Tony Blair is pushing for a harder line on China over the treatment of the terrorists who fight the west’s battles for them against the likes of the Syrian army the Uygurs??? While in the same statement claiming that the threat of the fundamentalist Muslim is the world’s worst danger ⚠️ democracy is a joke! Tony Blair has no heart 💔 and should be rotting in jail or…………..❤️‍🔥🖤👹☠️💀

  3. The answer is to make it illegal to pursue any war without the scrutiny and vote from Congress, as is laid out in The Constitution. Finally, any war that can be proven to be motivated by economic concerns should be illegal. War is an atrocity and BY DEFINITION, immoral. Stop war. Find ways to achieve your ends without murdering people.

  4. It is now clear, that almost all US presidents are nothing short of full fledged criminals Hidden behind their suits, ties, and their charisma. Rest of politicians aspiring towards political offices are no better. No wonder USA has turned into a monster around the globe.

  5. We also need to remember that tanks, trucks, ships, planes and jets that are being utilized around the globe are putting tons of carbon into our atmosphere every day. They are a major contributor to the destruction of our planet. . It is now time to shut it all down. Killing humanity and our planet needs to end. Humans have the ability to communicate with other countries and negotiate for resources they may need. War is senseless. We could have rebuilt our infrastructure, ended homelessness and provided a great social safety net to the vulnerable to end human suffering. War is a total waste and is evil. It only enriches the few. We must find a way to change our system because we can’t have rich powerful corporations and lobbyists buying our politicians or it will be the end of us.

  6. I think it's important to be specific with language to get these points Samuel is making even clearer. To me, war implies that militaries of two states are engaged in fighting whereas the U.S. sending drones to assassinate people they want to kill are illegal, extrajudicial assassinations. I never like describing the invasion and occupation of Iraq as a war. The aggression is coming from the U.S. in these cases and that burden should be placed on them when discussing it. As with Israel and Palestine, it's not a war between Israelis and the Palestinians, it's an invasion, illegal occupation and collective punishment.

  7. Americans, who have no idea of the horrors of war especially not first hand experience, can sit in their homes and keep voting for these murderers and pretend that they are not involved in the murder of millions of women and children. In a democracy even a representative democracy the ultimate responsibility for the crimes of the government lay with the people. the voters. VOTE 3RD PARTY

  8. I keep thinking of the old adage "Only Nixon could go to China".. In much the same vein you could say that "Only (Bill) Clinton could unleash the banks and GloboCap" or "Only Obama could codify the Forever War"…

  9. Why detail with exclusion around Eurasian criollo oligarchs? Why is this is channel ALWAYS excluding some Eurasian criollo oligarchs and especially the ones in central America? This channel just defends a different set of oligarchs. These are mouthpiece for just another camarilla of ski V Eurasian criollo oligarchs y nada mas…. You can believe about 1/3 of what this channel says and then the rest is twisted for their ski V capitalist criollo oligarch patrons and if you don’t see that you’re blind.

  10. Another disconnected Ivy Tower Democrat trying to paint Obama in a "realistic way". Just Bullshit. Once a lifelong Democrat, I have stepped away from both major parties after last voting for Obama (what a disappointment!) As any TRUE American whistleblower can tell you there has been no substantial difference in our Presidents of at least the last four. "Humane war" when uttered by Obama, Hillary, Biden, Bush, etc is just WOKE code for "We can kill, maim and slaughter, because we are HELPING DEMOCRACY." Burning down the village to SAVE it. All the nonsense about "helping the women and girls of Afghanistan? After Zbigniew Brzezinski (under Carter) brought Sharia Law and Osama bin Law and Wahhabi fundamentalism to a secular Muslim state in 1979? Took the CIA, Saudis, and Pakistan (and likely the Israelis) to totally destroy the Afghans, run out the Soviets, and build up the Taliban. Similar results in Yemen, Libya, Syria; now clearly moving to COVERT war in Africa (guess the Rwandan genocides were HUMANE? Clinton, Albright and the ubiquitous CIA gave their blessings). Humane War is not only an oxymoron, it is politicians' Happy Talk to fool their idiot constituents.
    Glenn Greenwald has very recently featured Pew comparisons between Democrats and Republicans, and it is clear that the Democrats have replaced the Republicans as authoritarian worshippers and FASCISTS, and are the Party of War, since their power exists because of the MICIMATT.

  11. Its ridiculous to believe a president will interfere with State DeptCIA plans and policies, these gov. stooges are on orders of the US corporate cartel dictates… in a lessor role the gov. serves as the trickle down maintenance valve for the general public. Since WW2 both parties have taken to war. People believe the rhetoric of the Democrats being the party of peace and the worker, pure illusion that even the Republicans don't try to demystify because they need this illusion to keep the public believing in their system. Remember the US is a corporate cartel, they work to maximize profits stemming from mineral & labor resources, to penetrate any border to privatize and extract. These political puppets and their rhetorics is to distracted the public while the cartel moves ahead with its plans. Dude is dreaming, the people are more under control of it public since WW2 , and this time the have the new puppy woke folks believing more than ever in an ideology that is a complete illusion.

  12. I often love the conversations you have, but i wish that you sometimes had people with different opinions on your show. People who argue in good faith, and y'all can have a conversation, not a "debate". I like your show, and reporting, but all I ever see on the show is the same opinion

  13. The racist racialist legal construct of “whiteness” is the racialist identity of colonialism & the colonialist identity that some racist racialists identify with in order to redline and impose structural dispossession and they have been enforcing their racialist Eurasian social dominance settler colonialism hierarchy with a structurally racist coercive of monopoly of the state…for hundreds of years. You are no antonym nor are you any gradable antonym of anybody’s racialist racist pseudoscientific legal construct identity.

  14. DON'T VOTE for the lesser of two EVILS! EVER! You guys are enabling the evil Democratic Party! So disappointed in you, Aaron Maté and Samuel Moyn. Vote third party, and don't help a mass murderer!

  15. Starting premise looked interesting but this quickly descended into covert war is necessary and America is the world police who have to interfere in all countries around the world.
    Hate interventionists 🤮🤑

    Also acknowledging that Dems started US involvement in majority of 20C wars but they are still safe hands to elect to stop more wars was confusing logic 🤔

  16. How can you say Obama is responsible ?? Presidents are just puppets – decisions are taken by many many in the deep state ! President is just a facade, he's there only to read the script !

  17. So this is nothing more than an interview with a Democrat who is trying to explain why his side is better than the other side.
    No dude, Obama wasn't some "duality of man", he was a mass murderer genocidal maniac who caused the death of hundreds of thousands with his policies.

  18. Obama was / is the plausible freud……he talks like he knows but the reality is that he is corrupt like no other …. Are all presidents just puppets of the military industry complex…do they get paid off . ???

  19. Criticized by the synthetic left. You're welcome for the correction. And yes, Obama was and is a psychopath, like every capitalist and successful politician. Great discussion but I'm not sure we need to hear that the Democrats are better (even if as the lesser of two evils) than the GOP on the Greyzone. After all, that's the default shitlib and synthetic left position.

  20. Then there is the 2012 Smith Mundt modernisation act, which is the exact opposite of the original like named act of 1948. So 2012, Obama again. The original banned government propaganda towards the u.s. population, whereas the 2012 version encourages and "legalizes" it.

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