Humanity Moves Dangerously Closer to the Edge of the World

This week, we saw significant developments in both inflation, interest rates, bond yields and financial instability.

Inflation is still running red hot and some central banks are putting an aggressive stance to combat this inflation through aggressive interest rates rises, however, the real test of central bank resolve is soon approaching. Adams suspects much faster than what people anticipates.

Adams believes that the central bank pivot is coming because the implications of the debt bubble unravelling go beyond just economics, as in the case in Sri Lanka political and social stability are also at risk.

The ruling elite will be looking at Sri Lanka and be extremely nervous about chaos and revolution in their own countries and whether they are at risk of losing political power or even worse – risk of imprisonment or assassination.

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  1. Milk price only just gone up 20%, restaurants will hike coffee tea, all diary products will go up, our shopping bills will really see some increase this time. Ordinary people who fuel and shop will talk more and more about living cost. I think many who are in the process of talking to mortgage broker for credit to buy a house will now cancel those pandemic generated boredom driven plan to by own spacious expensive house and instead spend their bucks on essentials and travel. A good holiday will make you feel rich for half a year. After all that's the perks of living in western countries.

  2. All I will say on this is 'humanity' Is and Always be a very generalised and oversimplification of a very different sets points of views separated by a very great deal of distinction and distinction

  3. Hi Martin and John,
    Now Watching from a village deep inside the countryside of India 🇮🇳

    The inevitable is going to occur much sooner than anticipated or predicted.

    Looking forward to the colossal obliteration of the fiscal situation around the world 🌎

  4. There is nothing “they” can do. If “they” intentionally wanted to destroy the global economy on purpose that is what is happening.
    If “they” wanted to save the situation right now, “they” can not do it; it’s too far gone to rescue. (NCSWIC)
    There will be a new system gentleman you can bet your Silver on it

  5. So can we say it yet. All these economists, who thought dropping interest rates to 0 is a good idea to avoid recessions and benefit society, were WRONG.

  6. full blown financial crisis may be permitted as it might be just the cover that the BIS and WEF believes they need to achieve their jointly stated goals for CBDCs .
    From their own research they KNOW only 1-4% of people will freely adopt the abusive , Orwellian and Authoritarian 'Central Bank Digital Currency' so desired by these unwell people , clearly suffering all manner of grandiose / paranoid delusions.

    And, now clearly driven by pure arrogance, psychopathy and unprecedented delusions of grandeur they may use the terrible upheaval of the crisis to force that already unanimously rejected, dystopian and despicable control upon us all, and everything we say/ do.
    (each CBDC, they tell us, will be accompanied by a different 'special' digital currency exclusively for each nation's wealthy /corporations ! seriously)

    If our supposed DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATIVES refuse to utterly reject in their entirety, the catastrophic plans aired by that tiny UNELECTED gang of chronically deluded control freaks, we will all KNOW that any remaining delusions of democracy that we may still harbour, must be let go… until we have reinstated the democracy we once had, that so many have died for, and finally have it back in the hands of people who will respect it and all of the people it serves.

  7. Econtalk – years 2011 and 2012 – john taylor as guest. I think the 2011 one is where he steps through his Taylor rule ideas.
    He uses inflation and GDP ratios to determine a guide for interest rate policy…and it has been accepted by the Fed. Especially after they abandoned Milton F’s ideas on watching the money supply. The fed abandoned this because they could never identify correctly the money supply, and also apparently a lot of faith was lost in Milton F around the 1980’s when he made calls about hyperinflation being just around the corner (another good econtalk episode, of which the guest was David Laidler….Milton F and Anna S research (one of) assistant).

  8. People in the citizenry will start seeing each other as a "problem" to their lifestyle when things get extremely difficult, part of the scheme by the Bankster Gangsters.

  9. I've been saying their will countries falling down for 6 months now. And it won't just be a couple. When major 1st world countries go it will get bad.
    Ireland Italy or Brasil south Africa

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