Humpty Dumpty is Coping Hard Shortly After Elon Musk’s Acquisition of Twitter

Poor potato.

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  1. "If there are no rules […] would you want to go to that party?"

    Yeah. It would basically be 4chan with a more diverse user base. You'll catch a lot of shit but there's gold in those memes.

  2. Consider this.
    It is possible Musk bought Twitter to keep it from having to uphold free speech
    Should the powers that be change next election Twitter and the other cabals would face legislative actions to curb their powers and punish bad behaviour.
    Now that Musk owns twitter there’s no longer any need for that now is there?
    There are always multiple sides to a conspiracy.
    What you think is going on
    What they want you to think is going on
    What is actually going on
    And what they will do to protect what they have going on.

  3. Little did he know, advertisers don't give a single fuck about people's feelings and will go where the money is. When they no longer need to pander to the wokes of twitter (Since those are the only people currently allowed to post on the platform), they'll start marketing toward a broader audience.

  4. Well don't be on Twitter if your weak stomached or thin skined or sensitive and have sensitive needs are Virgin ears .period the truth needs to be told and speech needs to be free

  5. I don't understand the problem of the idiots who ALREADY say whatever and don't get banned because they have right speech. I do understand they are freaking out because they can't control the narrative. These are the people that send ☠️ threats to Adam Driver's wife and child and nothing happens. But if you spout facts about c°vid, you get banned. 👉🤪

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