Hundreds Gather at the College of Psychologists to Support Dr. Jordan Peterson – MSM Silent

Justin Trudeau and his Media lapdogs were silent as hundreds of people gathered in protest on a weekday in Toronto against the College of Psychologists of Ontario. This was in response to their arbitrary punishment of Dr. Jordan Peterson for words he spoke on the popular internet social media site, Twitter.

Dr. Peterson’s tweets:

Greg Wycliffe live stream of the event:

Kat Kanada’s tweet:

News articles on the event:

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  1. I agree all this should be recorded the debate with the college. Put their faces online. The coward Trudeau should take the stage before Jordan Peterson and let's debate his stupidity online!

  2. training for a new media content producer from some program out of the 1990s when professionals had to be taught how to use internet interfaces – now become some kind of security state online harm professional bracing technique. Capture by the security state of professional institutions in the guise of liberalism.

  3. the Colleges are Professional Associations with roles within governance, at all levels (this one's Provincial)
    cultural revolution – worse than that – people were singled out because of the age – imagine that!
    (not anti-China – humanity makes mistakes through history; how they fix those mistakes (or not) is the issue)

  4. This should be a huge deal for everyone in Canada… the pace and the number of rights being taken away from us is downright scary
    Edit: I couldn't be there, I live in B.C… as soon as I heard about this I wrote a polite, but scathing letter to the college… please do the same… i don't agree with everything Peterson says, but I believe he has a right to his freedoms

  5. Another power overreach to punish someone for having opposing views! Dr.Peterson said this isn't even about him, it's about ALL CANADIANS! And he's right! Who is next? So I went on the College of Psychologists of Ontario Website and I used one of their own complaint forms to express my opinion regarding which Rights I believe they are denying Dr. Peterson that ARE in fact protected by The Canadian Charter of Rights and in conclusion I stated that I believe The Canadian Charter of Rights supercedes their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice! I then reminded them that "Anyone whose rights are denied or infringed upon , as guaranteed by this Charter may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and just in these circumstances!"

  6. PEDO Trudon't does not have enough brain to debate with Peterson even though would love to see it. But PEDO Trudont' will only run away blaming someone else.

  7. Good point, if you're going to penalize a person and remove their degree and license over public comments and politics w/ no justification or explanation why that is there business or right for that matter, have the courage to publically jexplain such actions.

  8. ONTARIO COLLAGE OF PSYCHO'S are a Politically Woke Collective.
    Censure, and Pharma are their tools.
    Taking those away, makes them feel DIS-EASED.
    Perhaps depressed.
    My non-professional, but educated guess…
    "They" might apply for JUSTINES MAiD option.
    SOME PEOPLE might find comfort, and a safe space, with that.

  9. So if the college of psycologists are spending their time in politics and repretion, when are they looking what psycollogists are really doing with patients? Dr. Peterson can teach this college why this college really exists for.

  10. Opinion ….Free Peterson and IMPRISON TRUDEAU AND SINGH AND THEIR CRIMINALS IN CHARGE….after 5 medical assaults I know criminal ..1st 1980 and last 2019…Peterson NOT creepy or bad but OPINION…TRUDEAU IS A PEDOPHILIC, MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH….

  11. Maxim is such a joke what an embarrassment to Canada and to this new party
    In support of Jordan Peterson polyev received over one million views where maxim was only talking to a 100 people and then taking that time instead of supporting Jordan Peterson he took the time to beat up on Is Pierre
    You need to watch the pleb's video

  12. The College of Psychologists must be some sort of joke. J. Trudeau is a joke. This is not funny, because sadly the joke is on us. Dr. Jordan Peterson, we Canadians who believe that the truth will set us free, stand for you and with you all the way.

  13. Clyde. if the dutch flag is in support of the dutch farmers, you should turn it up side down, that is what the farmers do. 'land is lost/in distress', or in this case, a form of protest. I stand with the farmers. f#$% Rutte and his minions.

  14. Elitists are throwing this out there to see how the public will react to their onslaught against the Freedom of Speech. Like all of us Jordan Peterson has the right to express his Freedom of Speech. I don't agree with everything JP says, but I do support his Freedom to express himself in the way in which he does on social media.

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