Hundreds Of Far Leftists Released Without Charge By Jussie Smollett’s Friend Kim Foxx

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. "Democrat Former STate Attorney committing treason by dropping all charges against rioters gets charged with SEdition and faces the maximum penalty in jail."

    – Hopefully that'll be the next headline we see.

  2. Tim, I think any counter protesters who are in jail, or get arrested in Chiraq in the future, just got handed an argument for a get out of jail free card. Any good attorney could probably take this to a state or if needed federal court and make an argument regarding selective prosecution. Not to mention pressuring the Illinois court system and bar association to take some action regarding would could at minimum be perceived as prosecutorial misconduct.

  3. Ha Xb these points seeem familiar acknowledging the problem in its prime is kinda nice but the tossed bodys of that wait probably hold other opinions thinking the mother and father of patience costs nothing speak nothing but lies Hmmm4_4 Goood show kinda nice

  4. ANTIFA/BLM terrorists in mobs are not people anymore. They are a subspecies and must slaughtered accordingly. Use everything available to defend yourself and burry them and their families. #Cattle

  5. 0:50 If they can't prosecute them then send them to a mass lockup or remand them to individual house arrest until they CAN be prosecuted. I mean, normally they couldn't house so many more criminals, but let us remember that some of those same officials DID let out many criminals so there should be plenty of spare room now.

  6. 10:23 ANY statue? What about ones people pay for and put on private property? o.0
    10:30 In such cases I say leave them be. They are part of history and culture, and should be left where they are.
    (I mean, it's not like one can put Mt. Rushmore in a museum)

  7. Just don't allow antifa sorta folk to live in your hood. I don't let nazis live here and I wouldn't let commies live here if they tried… I would use my military training, and there would be methodical and strategic plans. And that person wouldn't be seen again. No body, no murder, no nothing…. I kinda wish it would happen just so I can do what I want to do

  8. But people who fight back and stand up for themselves are being charged. If you live in an area like this you won't get a fair trial so don't let them arrest you.

  9. The cops and courts have a choice to make, the side of justice or they can go Soviet and go after the people with the wrong politics betraying America and their oath.

  10. If Fox could let the looters go free, she WOULD. She IS the enemy. I was always taught that we citizens may NOT take the law into our own hands because THAT is the SOLE domain of law enforcement and we live under rule of law. Now, the State is showing us that THEY will not uphold the law or enforce the peace. They can't have it both ways.

    The rule of law MUST be upheld and reasonable peace maintained. If the State refuses to act – or cannot act – this leaves only ONE option: US. For now, I'll continue to pray for peace, but if trouble comes knocking I am ready… This is NOT a video game.

  11. I'll listen to any SANE argument and not these INSANE ones they are coming up with. An argument that comes from reality and not things they just come up with out of their warped imaginations.