HUNDREDS Of Medical Staff Are Being TERMINATED For Refusing Vaccine, Firing In A Pandemic Is INSANE

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  1. there was already a medical staff/nurse shortage before and during the pandemic.
    Conservatives already knew this was going to happen. Many Democrat americans seem to be slow on the uptake or completely ignore our warnings, then act all surprised.

  2. "So what do we do, Tim? You always say "hurr durr I'll go live down by the river in my van," but you fundamentally misunderstand the uniqueness of your life, decisions, and career path. Not everyone chooses a career path that is viable for a high-school dropout. Not everyone is capable of burning employment bridges or being unemployed, even for a month, without serious long-term consequences. Some people have dependents and can't just live in a God damn van by the river with their 2 kids. Most people don't have the financial resources to fight this."

    Tim ran away from home and only had high school education and thinks he's such an enlightened self-educated buddhist by hanging out with other hippies. He grew up with progressives and leftism and will always be a leftist. He rejects tradition and wisdom from rightwing and traditional people. He understands the 'concepts' but doesn't truly appreciate them or hold them close to his heart. That's what sets democrats and conservatives apart. Our ideals and morals are very different, and much of that , could be due to upbringing.

    In the case of young people these days, there are two main sources (three) of negative influence

    1) schools/classmates

    2) family/friends/neighbors

    3) MSM

    All of these sources have utterly brainwashed youths to become useful progressive SJW braindead tools.

    Then you have illegals and same hippies becoming teachers and business owners or managers and CEOs.

    Majority of the rich elite and celebrities are Democrats. FACTS

    Majority of criminals are also Democrat/voters. FACTS.

    Majority of the hard working people who work on the farm or with their hands are more likely to be conservative.

    Majority of the world was conservative before shitty liberalism and progressivism tainted the world to be 'liberated' with birth control, high divorce rate culture, feminism and feminizing men, feelings/emotions/sensitivity and political correctness over facts and facing hardship and hard truths of reality, including normalizing mental illness, the acceptance of broken families and rejection of nuclear family and promoting the hell out of every taboo in existence while what was 'actually' normal is now taboo. They act like the real normal is something that is severely outdated because of how the left dominates every damn facet in our society through:

    1) Education system: All the way to daycare and elementary schools to college

    2) Medical/Psychology/Social work institutions/systems

    3) Your work environment with gender and LGBT and 'diversity' garbage

    4) entertainment: tv shows/movies/comic books/video games.

    5) Sports: they even tainted every damn sports leagues and even the damn Olympics and Special Olympics!

    6) Businesses: food and retail alike have gone woke

    7) Attacking the US constitution, the US flag, our national anthem, our cops and military, perverting law and order, redefining or creating twisted new words and concepts

    8) Then there's MSM and late night talk show hosts and big tech and Disney owning Marvel + Star Wars and more.

    9) Literally everything is Trump's fault and/or everything = white supremacy/racist.

    Toxic liberal/progressive/leftism is now synonymous with communist and socialism.

    To Chinese families like mine , to venezuelans, koreans, cubans, and many other countries, we escaped from the tyranny and persecution from communist fascists whether they are the government or our neighbors. It scares us to see how America is becoming MORE AND MORE like communist china/other.

    Today's BLM/Antifa and SJWs alike, are literally acting like the communist red guard and nazi hitler youth.

  3. The LDS church actually said prayerfully consider for yourself. Free agency is a gift from God and will never be taken by leaders of the church. Personal revelation is just that personal.

  4. To all these people that are being fired, due to these totalitarian mandates! Remember to vote in 2022! To get these Nazis outta of office. Vote red, and you will have your jobs back. Guaranteed!!!

  5. Your personal belief and interpretation can vary from that of your church elders/leaders. The HR department doesn’t have the right to determine the validity of your personal religious beliefs. Barnes talks about this with Viva Frei.

  6. No tests- they will charge $150 for PCR and make people take it over and over. Vaxxed can still catch and spread same as unvaxxed. So, this is not about limiting the spread. It’s about power and control.

  7. Anyone submitting a religious exemption needs to find the Supreme Court definition of religion. It is not limited to standard religions but is based on personal beliefs.

  8. Robert Malone who invented the technology the vaccines are based on, says a big problem with the vaccine is not the vaccine but that vaccinating people while the virus is active makes varients happen faster. That is why you do flu shots in the off season.

  9. Yeah, it sure does what it does all right, Timbo! Now might be a good time to be budgeting for your funerary expenditures along with having your last will and testament written and notarized by the appropriate judiciary. 😑

  10. Wait, 90% of (D) are vaccinated, yet 28% of NYC African Americans are vaccinated (a group that tends to vote 90+% (D)); how many African Americans in other cities are not vaccinated yet?

  11. Asymptomatic is NOT the driver of transmission according to Dr Fraud himself. You have to have symptoms to spread said virus if you actually believe virus' can spread at all. Virus' are DEAD, not alive.

  12. Tim just a question for you, how many boosters until the line is drawn. if they are safe and effective why the boosters. why the break through cases in Israel. second class citizen with out the 3rd booster. This is not about a virus its about global control.

  13. The way to manipulate people is to confuse them about what's going on. Of course this isn't about science. The 'vaccine' is in phase 3. Phase 3 is when effectiveness and side effects are determined. Early indications show both side effects as well as less than ideal effectiveness. This isn't about helping anyone. It is about control and nothing else. Time for all Americans to stand up and say no!

  14. Refusing a religious exemption is not only illegal, but a stupid game of chicken they will lose. It’s saying that they do not believe an individual’s deeply held belief is truly their deeply held belief. And when they still won’t and are fired over it? Do you believe them then and hire them back?

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