Hundreds of thousands of renters face eviction says the Joseph Rowntree Foundation!

Up to a million households face being made homeless as the pandemic freeze on evictions is lifted.

Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. Landlords by law have to provide a standard type of tenancy agreement (pretty much the same over the whole of the UK) that is very much designed to protect the tenant from unscrupulous landlords. A landlord cannot just decide to evict. A tennant will have to be extremely beligerent to get an eviction notice. There is a whole long process to go through to get to that stage that includes manditory communication between the landlord and tenant, plus help in the form of many supporting benefits even in "normal" times.
    There is no excuse for long term rent arrears as the agreement is designed to prevent it. Getting evicted is at best a black mark against credit reference. At worst it can lead to having assets siezed and police involvement.
    So basically the government and covid have nothing to do with it. There will be a bocklog of evictions from those beligerent tenants as all were put on hold due to covid but that is the only effect it has had. Some evictions will be due to breaking the terms of the tennancy agreement, some due to antisocial behaviour and some for just refusing to pay or refusing to negotiate a solution.
    So is this MSM FUD?
    Do a little research to find the true story.

  2. Nope, that's what the furlough money was for. Rents are high because housing is in high demand, meaning there's a long line of people willing to pay to rent a property.

  3. When the furlough scheme ends just watch the jobless figures skyrocket. My partner was issued a redundancy letter when it was due to end last time then was suddenly withdrawn once furlough was extended.

  4. I know, just put em in council houses!

    Oh, wait, didn't St Thatcher sell off the council houses to people who subsequently couldn't pay their mortgages and were forced to sell at a loss to the private rented sector?

  5. Jeff, I am not in arrears but I have to say this. Just over half of my meagre pension income goes in housing costs alone- rent and council tax. In Britain the cost of a roof over your head is too high.

  6. I wonder how many of our MP's are landlords. If the tax payer has to foot the bill for this, I'm pretty sure the MP's with tenants won't be out of pocket.

  7. I dont know what the answer is here but as far as i can tell lots of companies are lookingg for workers. Now if some are in dire straits they need to work as many hours as they can. If it means taking 2 jobs & having no free time then thats what they need to do. I hope they understand its not the homeowner who rents to them thats caused this problem. He is just the one renting a property to them & he will more than likely be one of the workkers himself & also probably affected by covid, like the rst of us. I dont think some believe a storm is heading their way.

  8. Hundreds of thousands of landlords are facing default on their mortgages, so cry me a river. Nobody asked for this Chin-Kee Pox hysteria and when it comes to the housing crisis these types of headlines do not get the meat of the matter at all.

  9. Well its certainly a worry in London…my wife has a severe brain injury so we are very much at the mercy of the landlord..we daren't upset him…he won't put a rail in so my wife can leave the property..he has failed to get safety certificates for the gas boiler etc…he is spoiling for an argument…we are not in arrears of rent///the thing that terrifies me is that when you look at Private rentable accomodation often agents still have DSS income not allowed which I thought was illegal

  10. Fascinating podcast. I think you should use other podcasts on the same subject. The fallout from Covid 19 is the defining moment in all over lives. I am a remainer but still like your approach.

  11. Anyone made homeless should show up in a 4-start hotel and ask for their room. After all, they can always claim to be refugees fleeing the war in France

  12. When people lose the ability to provide for there family and have to go onto the benefits system for many the first time then we shall see what the desperation of those not accustomed to the endless form filling the DWP interviews the appointments with "advisors" the producing of every mortal thing you possess then to be refused sanctioned the mandatory reconsiderations the appeals etc etc. So for those who say jobless people or those dependant on government handouts we shall see how many think its something for nothing. I have a industrial lung disease from working 55yrs in the building industry arthritis in both knees hips shoulders and neck but because I can still walk 20m without having to stop I get nothing I have £125 per week on income support as my total earnings. My advice to anyone is DON'T SAVE don't save for a pension unless it's going to provide 3 times, what you earn now don't EVER BUY A HOUSE once it's paid for its calculated as savings as is anything over 11000 in ANY savings which takes, you out of any means tested benefits you could get if you had nothing.

  13. Evictions ban on top of already planned Section 21 eviction 'reforms' are understandably scaring many small landlords out of the market. This will likely create a rental crisis. You reap what you sow. Gov were warned by landlord groups but, as a left wing party, they only listen to the tenant lobby groups. Slow motion car crash results.

  14. This is a serious problem with serious consequences for the country. There are so many facets to each case so it likely needs some guidelines to deal with it. Questions such as what financial compensation did they receive during the lock down? Did they earn anything and did they pay any rent at all? Who owns the premises meaning is it Gov't owned, British citizen owned or off shore money? Are they employed, employable and/ or are there jobs available for them. This really should have been foreseen and measures put in place.

  15. Torie policy over years has caused this big problem for few and not the many and it won't change they divide and rule very clever if labour got back in power you would have soft Torie policies ????

  16. This a free bit of advertising by this company because the woke crowd have attacked it for in the past using chocolate farmed by slaves and using low wage staff in their chocolate factories. Their Web site is spouting their apologies and that they are intending to make ammends for their past failings and indicating their support for BLM etc
    The laugh is that this a Quakers company and should not be involved with politics and racial arguments. All their past decisions would have been based on their religious beliefs. But now the charity worth millions is run by weak willed who will say anything to appease the twitter trolls. So it does ask the question is this story a windup cash building event to get government funds to investigate further

  17. On short no. I have had recently bad experiences with tenants so the house is permanently off the rental market. I realise that not all tenants behave on the same way. My brother is close to getting his divorce, held up by guess what, Convid 19.
    Somehow he has managed to keep paying the rent on his flat and half the mortgage on the house he owns, where his soon to be ex lives. Thankfully that house is being sold on Thursday.
    His new partner also lives in a rented house but she too has managed to keep up with rent payments.
    What's the secret, working hard and when times get hard don't spend as much.
    Peoples kids are their own responsibility, it is not down to someone else to pay for them if you choose to have a football team instead of a family. Contraception isn't cutting edge technology.