Hunter Biden CAUGHT Again Selling Access

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  1. Unfortunately, this information was available to the public before the Presidential election. As hard as the GOP tried, the leftist media chose not be interested. So here we are.

  2. Jimmy is wrong yet again.
    If you star in a sitcom, Union rules dictate you get at least $50,000 an episode, and supporting players, get just shy of $30k/episode.
    After a renewal, assuming there wasn’t an explicit contract saying otherwise, the lead’s total will double, and the supporting cast is bumped up to $40k.
    In year 3, renegotiations are mandatory, and any show in its third year, has achieved a degree of success that gives the actors and writers tremendous negotiating power, and the lead will jump from anywhere from $250k to $1 million an episode, while supporting players will receive on the order of $150k-$250k per episode.

    I get that you people love Jimmy, because he screams at the ocean the way you wish you could.
    But at the end of the day, he’s just another actor/comedian, who’s bitter he never made it in show business, became a socialist because he didn’t think he’d be able to support himself, and is now one of the most successful capitalists alive, because he monitized YOUR anger, frustration, and socialism.
    Jimmy Dore is a capitalist who preys on socialists in order to get them to send him their money, so that one day, he’ll bring the socialist utopia you think you want.

    Just be warned- Utopia, by definition, CANNOT exist.
    The name is directly derived from the Greek, uos topos, which literally means “no place.”

    Your socialist utopia has always been, and always will be, a dream of no place.

  3. It just looks even more ridiculous with the majority of the mainstream media completely ignoring this as some kind of Russian disinformation for the past 2 years. Journalism in America is not only politically corrupt, its dead and buried and non-existent anymore.

  4. a typical salary in Ukraine is about 7,000 US per year and an average salary is about 28,000 US per year, roughly. Imagine what they think of the son of an American VP getting 80,000 US per month!

  5. I can’t believe the Democrats and the media. Imagine if this was Trump or his sons the media would be outraged. But not the Democrats, nothing to see here. Unbelievable!!!

  6. There is a letter in russian language… Ж. You try to spell letter "G" or "J" without "d" and you get the idea. Or spell de-javu on french manner.
    So Luzhkov can be written like Lugkov or Lujkov but with pronouncing open letter without "d"

  7. We shouldn't pretend these people are stupid. They're greedy traitors who have conned the public and completely sold out to the dollar to line they're own pockets!