Hunter Biden CAUGHT Helping China Buy Critical Materials | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar track the central role that a business Hunter Biden has a direct stake in played in China’s chase for the Cobalt necessary for electric car batteries and other crucial products

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  1. ummm….we dont have the Manufacturing plants here. american car companies like gm, ford do not want to sell electric vehicles. just go to any deakers and u you see. sales person are not knowledgeable and service department has no clue. yes their service departmens! this piece of news pin it on hunter b us unfair. its sensational news…..

  2. how about reporting what mr president Biden promote gm or ford electric vehicles, while never mentioned Tesla?! Telsa are all American made. start rom batteries…..American auto import their batteries and other parts. its put together in USA with parts from all over the world.

  3. How much money has Hunter Biden made off his name? He seems to have no qualifications for any of the roles from which he profits. I thought he was an artist now? So sleazy, and always ignored by the MSM.

  4. American battery/car companies didn't take electric cars seriously back then, so they only have themselves to blame. Also I would like to point out that no countries were invaded and no governments were overthrown in the cobalt deal

  5. I have a brilliant idea . How about we use carbon based fuel instead? The tech takes the carbon out of the air and mixes it with hydrogen . it burns clean with zero pollution and you dont even have to change over our vehicles, it even works in Jets. Type in Carbon based fuel on youtube and you can see for yourselves.

  6. Hunter got caught this time but this isn't a partisan issue. Both Democrats and Republicans sell out our country to advance their own self-interests. There are no laws against it. Disgusting. Just imagine what would happen to Jack Ma if he worked for a company that secured rare minerals for the U.S.

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