Hunter Biden Laptop Confirmed REAL By New York Times

The Hunter Biden laptop controversy that lit up political circles in the month before the 2020 presidential election has been resolved. Contrary to the allegations floated by 50 former and current intelligence officials, and reiterated by Joe Biden during a debate with Donald Trump, the laptop’s emergence was NOT a Russian psyop designed to bring down the Biden campaign, but in fact an actual laptop with scads of incriminating information left by Hunter Biden at a computer repair shop.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this latest example of a “classic” Russian operation that turned out to be anything but.

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  1. So, we were waiting for NYT to tell us the 'laptop' was real?
    Simple – All one has to do is reverse what the lamestream news says to know the truth.

  2. Who gives a shit about this fucking laptop lol Nepotism is part of life. It sucks but it's how it is. It's the same with Trump's kids and most other kids of wealthy families.

  3. No one in the news can be trusted any longer to tell the actual truth about what is really going on between the Neo-Nazi/Ukrainian government and the rightful sovereignty of the ethnic Ukrainian Russians that have lived in the Ukraine their entire lives? These corporate owned news people are all in the same game when it comes to being in lockstep and the business of war and what is ultimately best for the bottom line of the Military Industrial Complex spread sheet instead of those that are the most effected horrifically by the selfish greed of these sick, sorry select few people that deliberately profit from this sort of thing.

    When are ordinary, everyday people going to finally realize that our governments are not our friends. They are not our allies and they are certainly not operating in the best interests of the very same people that they are suppose to be in dedicated service to. This insanity is complete nonsense and cannot be allowed to continue any longer. No one in their right mind is buying any of this political garbage any longer and yet they just keep pumping it out like it is all just fact. Focus on the real issues like our own many man made at home crisis and perhaps deal with issues like Hunter and Joe Biden's crimes and/or Trudeau's authoritarian regime just for starters.

    How was Biden even allowed to run for president when the FBI and CIA were both well aware of this laptop and its authenticity long before the 2020 election ever occurred? These are the questions that we need to be asking and demanding legit answers to. Don't you believe that enough is seriously enough already people? Seriously!, isn't it? I am certainly one who believes it is so.

  4. Where are the FBI and CIA in this "Hunter/Laptop matter? Heads need to roll and serious top level heads as well. These people have been sitting on this information for years knowing exactly what it holds and yet they have done absolutely nothing to those that have knowingly broken the law repeatedly. Meantime there are people still locked up indefinitely because of Jan 6th. This is outrageous and sickening. Where are all the Republicans demanding justice for the people of the United States. Where is Graham, Cruz, Green and the rest of them. They should all be constantly screaming out these facts and the many others that are obvious to the rest of us. Cowards and criminals is all these politicians are. They care nothing for the people that they represent.

  5. The laptop doesn't mean shit now. Biden is in and nothing is going to come of it. I hope people will at least remember it the next time they're serving up bullshit sandwiches at the Mainstream Cafe

  6. Come on everyone – the rules are very simple.
    If the information comes from an independent source – it's Russian disinformation, misinformation, or a conspiracy theory…..
    until our corporate overlords tell an establishment news giant it's ok to print……then it magically becomes true.

  7. In this day and age of known politicized propaganda and the collaboration with big tech and the corporate owned and controlled main stream media, how could anyone in their right mind try to say that the 2020 Presidential Election was not stolen from Donald J. Trump, his campaign and his millions of supporters? Despite all the known irregularities and other fraudulent facts surrounding the 2020 election itself that too many corrupt people are all too anxious to avoid discussing, just the fact that so many big money and opinion influencing players decided to gang up and deliberately miss-inform the public as to what was really going on (Hunter and Joe Biden for one) in order to sway the public opinion is reason alone to call the 2020 election a deliberate fraud and illegitimate election.

    There is an admitted confession by those who did it, that they all conspired to deliberately with hold viable, vital information from the voting public because they knew that it would hurt a career criminals chance at becoming President. You want to know who the people are that are responsible for things like inflation, Afghanistan, Ukraine, China, High energy prices, food lines, look directly to these people and those who deliberately voted against Donald Trump just because he was Donald Trump and not because of the excellent job he had done as President. Can people not see what these evil clowns are deliberately doing to our civilized democracies? They are systematically destroying them from the inside out using their corrupt political and financial tools to do it.

    That is what this virus was all about and that is what this war in Ukraine is all about. We the people are being used and played like game pieces on on huge board game and sadly too many people just still do not realize that reality yet. Just the damage that the governments of Canada and the United States have done to their own citizens in the last year should be enough to scare everybody into having a whole new perspective about who these people that govern us really are and what are they really up to? They want our economies to fail. They want our children to suffer needlessly. These are the cold hard facts that people need to come to terms with. They want to spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially bankrupt as many men, women and children as they possible can deliberately. This is their goal and this is the evil that motivates them.

  8. Jimmy has a troubled look on his face while the Trump/Biden debate clip is playing (9:1010:10). Perhaps he sees how badly Trump was kneecapped by the lying Establishment and regrets that he joined Team Sh*tl*b to some degree in mocking and condemning Trump.

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