Hunter Biden laptop story not covered by mainstream media (from Livestream #152)

Partisan Twitter moderation policy

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #152 (originally streamed live on Dec 03, 2022):

Matt Taibbi thread, the twitter files:

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  1. I feel the reason they felt ok censoring it, is because everyone knows the president is not running the country. So they don't want to disrupt the theater where we pretend that we are voting for candidates.

  2. The left thinks this is all about hunters dk pics. Its about suppressing information, collusion, election metalling and possible biden being involved in ukrain

  3. There was a survey after the 2020 election asking if the knowledge of the laptop scandal would have changed their vote. It was determined that if this story wasn't suppressed, it was likely that Trump would have won the election. This doesn't include the many other suppressed stories and opinions. It was not only Tweeter, but the mainstream media, Facebook, and Google/YouTube greatly effecting the election by suppressing information. Biden didn't even have to campaign, because these various forms of media campaigned for him. Perception comes from information, and whoever controls information, controls perception. In this sense, perception is reality.

    In polling, Biden, an old mentally decrepit man leads all his potential Republican rivals in a possible 2024 election match. Think about that for a minute. This demonstrates the power of this media empire. Next to the main stream media, Alphabet, Inc (owns YouTube, Google, and others) has the greatest influence on perceptions. Not only do they use YouTube to censor free speech, they use their Google search engine to deny information and facts that does not agree with their chosen narrative. Whenever you find useful facts that conflict with what you are told to believe (the narrative), be sure to bookmark the actual website, otherwise, you may never find it through the search engine again. I have seen numerous examples of this. It doesn't just drop down the list, it doesn't appear at all. In the 2016 election, whenever Hillary or her acolytes were proven to have lied, I could rarely find it in Google searches. And when I did find it, I couldn't find it a second time. When I put her name in the search, there were endless pages of articles praising her. When I put Trump in the search box, their were endless pages of articles criticising him.

    I'm not Republican or Democrat, I'm against this amalgamation that is trying to overthrow this country. It is the left, so the left is the enemy of my liberty and therefore the enemy of mine. If it was the right doing the same, I would be against them. This is why I hated Bush so much, because he used the 9-11 support to start two unnecessary wars, to strip liberties, and to monitor US citizens. Part of the problem is that the left has hijacked these powerful police and intelligence agencies that Bush wrongly expanded and empowered, and turned them against their political adversaries. What the left is doing is a fools errand, because they will not succeed in this overthrow, they will only cause a civil war. This is a nightmarish scenario because the next American civil war will be very cruel and bloody because of all the hate this media empire has disseminated over the last few years.

  4. You two drs are too rational
    The left wing does not want to hear truth.
    Left wing only wants their version of truth to support their narrative.
    Twitter is going to dominate media in 5 years

  5. Because of my unfortunate wait for an appointment today, I was forced to listen to NPR today on the topic of Hunter Biden's Laptop.

    I could not believe the propaganda "like" buzz words that they kept injecting into their coverage.

    Not once did they mention that Hunter was providing the Vice President unearned income from Ukraine.

    NPR described the laptop having touching images of Bo Biden's declining health, but failed to mention that Hunter then went on to start banging his widow. No mention about the images of potentially underage girls either.

    Only that Hunter was a drug addict and the computer repairman was a right wing extremist.

    NPR said that the Laptop Story was not covered because journalists were afraid to cover the story in the event the whole thing was a fabrication, not because outside forces suppressed the story to influence an election.

    No wonder the weak minded patrons of NPR think and react the way they do about everything like election fraud, Covid, and Climate Change.

    I felt while I listened to their coverage of this topic, I was trespassing into a secret parallel universe where NPR is the only organization that defines truth.

    It was truly enlightening.

    Now I know why my brother and sister are so stupid.

  6. let me clear a few things, one laptop was stolen, elon twisted the truth. second, Elon or Twitter can publish what they want in their own website. Private business but also his decisions just like they did before. So previous owners decided what to run or allow is was their own decision. Perfect example is parity accounts of elon, how he banned them, company's decision. Its not free speech , its business.

  7. Something I know the two of you will be looking forward to is the suppression of Dr.’s and other medical professionals during the pandemic is the "Twitter files" about the pandemic soon to be released.

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