Hunter Biden PROSECUTION Imminent? DOJ Wary of Sabotaging Dems in Election

Katie Halper and Robby Soave discuss the latest from the federal investigation into the Hunter Biden scandal.

Hunter Biden leaves after President Joe Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 17 people during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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  1. Biden was Hunter’s bag man. Since when do we allow criminals avoid prosecution until after they win an election? Why is New York trying to rig an election by trying to get a viable candidate for governor off the ballot? Because the democrats and republicans don’t know what their party does in their name.

  2. Oh my God it's clear to an 11-year-old that Hunter Biden has been selling access to his father since well before he was in the Obama Administration it's clear that Biden is corrupted by his actions in Ukraine did by himself is a criminal this is the most corrupt Administration in our nation's history prior to this one the most corrupt Administration would have been Obama's administration because that had Biden in it as well and their corruption to spy on the presidential candidate Donald Trump and then collude with the FBI and CIA to create the Russia narrative along with the actions they took afterwards including evicting the Russians from their long-term residents and so on and so forth right after the election or right before the election if I remember correctly these people Obama Clinton Biden rice these are all utter felonious criminals that have done enough to this nation and in crime to be in prison the rest of their lives many times over and I'm a progressive Democrat that voted for Biden and I know this these people need to be brought down will our justice department do it? p well there's 99.9% chance they won't

  3. He’s obsessed with freeing Brittany Griner because he’s also going to free Viktor Bout in the trade. He’s an international sanctions getter arounder and has been contracted by the U.S. government before. I think he’s going to play a role in circumventing sanctions so that certain things can get certain places but government officials can still preform theater and say “take that Putin!” while they all get filthy rich. It’s called having your cake and eating it too.

  4. Katie Halpern think an investigation would be "beneficial" for the Bidens. Because she knows the fix is in. The powerful will NOT be held accountable. She has to presume this in order to make such a statement.

  5. Just hold in your minds that the USA locks our lessers up hand over fist, willy-f’n-nilly. All around the world we are less famous for jazz, more for war and incarceration. We pack unprecedented numbers of low level drug dealers and abusers off to the stripey hole with factory efficiency. My solution: a moratorium on prosecuting low level drug folks, move the money over to prosecuting high level political operators.

  6. Nothing will happen to Hunter, Joe will say something dimwitted and unrelated to the topic or he'll fall off of something. Sunrise, sunset.

    81 million votes! "Most Popular President ever, most secure election ever".

  7. Provides proof that they're politically allied . So yeah it also would provide some appearance as well 😜 I often find that if it walks like a duck and it is a 🦆 duck . Yeah it also looks like a duck.

  8. How is the fact that it could affect an election even a viable excuse? The accusation is that it directly involves the sitting POTUS. In any other administration, Obama and Clinton included, investigative and revelation would have begun immediately…

  9. I think the firearms infraction holds a little bit more weight because it goes against everything Democrats stand for with gun control. If I lied on an ATF form 4473 on any of the firearms I own, I’d be looking at $100,000 fine up to 10 years in prison…

  10. Any guest other than Brianna Joy Grey is a welcome addition to the show. Robbie actually gets to speak for once and doesn't get the 100% predictable leftist position interrupted to him every 10 seconds.

  11. Name as candle that Donald Trumps kids did. You can’t just say that and have nothing to back it up. Talk about double standards. If Trumps kids did anything close to what Hunter has done the media would be crying for impeachment for trump none stop. So crazy

  12. Nice distinction about Hunter (being a civilian versus an actual admin official) by Robby. This DOJ is more corrupt in it's protection of Democrats and friends and family of Joe, than anything Trump could ever have fantasized about. Disgusting two-tiered system and I have nothing but contempt anymore for the FBI and DOJ.

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